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Cyberpunk RED Campaign

A Cyberpunk RED game In the world of Cyberpunk Time of the Red
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  • Night City
    Map of Night City (2045)
Supporting Cast
  • Andres Gulachoz
    A swarthy man who looks to be in his 30s.
  • Dae-Seong Man
    Older gentleman with a love of firearms. Balding, hunched, suited with a Techtool hand and Cybereyes for precision while working, Checkmate Patriot treats his regulars like family and kills his enemies with bullets of his own design with 'CHECKMATE' engraved into each.
  • Edison Wright
    The Corp responsible for setting up the leech, killing Dmitri Lovodny and attempting to kill the Axeman.
  • Dr. George Carver
    Works the night shift for Trauma Team as a Tech and runs a ripperdoc clinic for illegal cyberware.
  • Ms. Gina Zepada
    An animal lover who is well known in the building for her three noisy birds.
  • Mr. Grant Jung
    A Solo employed to Rex Royal. He likes to play cards and holds a monthly community poker night on the roof.
  • Irina Lovodny
    Irina is a pretty young lady known for her philosophy toward the Combat Zone children. They think of her as an older sister, which she might be considering her youthful age of 24.
  • John Freeman
    The current owner of the Forlorn Hope in the Combat Zone, he is married to the bartender, Marianne. He is a Fixer who holds a sense of community and care for the people of Night City, but he is not a saint.
  • Justin Severick
    Wright's personal bodyguard and chauffeur. He is tough, smart, and ruthless. He is personally responsible for the death of Dmitri Lovodny and the attempt on the Axeman.
  • Marianne Russell Freeman
    The wife of Forlorn Hope owner Dr. John Freeman, she is the bartender at the Solo bar. She is an amateur Techie and gives advice to the patrons.
  • Mrs. Molly Anderson
    Molly is the Matriarch of her "family" of five from the combat zones. She has Rex's permission to run her small operation from the building.
  • Rex Royale
    A community Fixer for people living in and on the edge of the Combat Zones. He employs a protection racket and public service group of Solos that patrol his territory, and he cares for the citizens of Night City in his own way.
  • Mr. Rico Robinson
    A long-term tenant that plays a variety of instruments in his apartment daily.
  • "Wolf" Wolfgang Reimann
    A German Solo who is not very well-known in Night City.

Sessions Archive

11th Apr 2021

Session 1

Getting a foothold in Night City isn't easy, but with a good team and an even better determination the eb will start to flow.

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The Protagonists

"Nasty Eagle" Tati Vari

Tati Vari alias Nasty Eagle Bold, a Nomad with Moto rank 4

"The Fearless Magician" Lazar Leonidovich

Lazar Leonidovich alias Fearless Magician, a Solo with Combat Awareness rank 4

"Monal Brave" Declan Eyota

Declan Eyota alias Monal Brave, a Tech with Maker rank 4

Klein Basklin

Klein Basklin alias Adjudicator Slashing , a Law Man with Backup rank 6

"Spokesperson Proud" Jean-Claude Marchant

Jean-Claude Marchant alias Spokesperson Proud, a Media with Credibility rank 4

Zenobia Dimitrescu

Zenobia alias Tracker Golden, a Rockerboy with Charismatic Impact rank 5

Gilt_A$$a$$in Sadiq Beshara

Sadiq Rahim Beshara alias Gilt_A$$a$$in, a Medtech with Medicine rank 4