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Radiant Cataclysm

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Baile Draíochta
June, 2018 June, 2020 | Full

A sonic boom rumbled across the land as a bright light flashed in the Horizon. There was no time for a reaction, no time to seek shelter as the unnatural storm knocked me through the window of the building behind me. The storm was too powerful, out on the roads there were people and livestock being thrown around and tumbling down the hill. The storm began to rip off the roofs of the buildings and tearing through the small village.


The clouds were furiously swirling in an unnatural pattern in the sky.. The roar of the eerie, outrageous wind, creating damage to the once peaceful village, trees colliding with others sometimes crushing sheds and wagons; the wind creating circles of dust whipping up anything in its way.


Little drops of salty water ran down my face as watched my home town getting ripped apart from within the storm torn building I was flung into. There was an ache in my leg and I look down to see a gash that gushed out blood in a pulsing rhythm. It started to become harder and harder to stay awake. The storm no longer bothered me as I slowly began to drift to sleep.


The Radiant Cataclysm happened once before in the realm of Baile Draíochta. The last documented case took place in the year 4107 SQ and lasted till 5011 SQ. During this time pulses of divine energy mixed with the mana stream causing the natural world to revolt in unnatural ways. Mega storms ripped across the continents, lands began to split apart sinking into the oceans and even corrupted parts of the land, saturating it in magical energy.

The signs of a second cataclysm is unmistakable, unfortunately the denizens of the realm have forgotten the horrors of the first disaster and feel that everything is fine. It is up to a brave few to seek out the forgotten knowledge of the SQ era and stop this disaster by restoring balance to the broken realm.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Dragness Grm
    This Plague doctor hailed from Kushina and set out to travel the lands in search of medical ingredient and answers to a disease they have been trying to cure. using the medical skill that has had this particular Dragonborn has had many days traveling and healing people yet no one really knows who they are
  • Hirça Odinson
    Growing up as a foster child, Hirça never really fit in with the eldrin society of Byre. Their laid back and low profile nature often bored Hirça. Still, there was plenty to do until one day, a stranger arrived at their quaint village. Hirça went and cast her curious gaze at this stranger to find his outfit and gear appear to be fitted for traveling.
  • Jack Hudal
    this Spy was impersonated and on the hunt to find this Iobart that has assumed his identity he is not a very good spy but still a spy
  • Emerald factions head Jubei Nephthos
    Jubei left the Capital of Nepfirin under the ruse that he was going to look for a bride since he was a crowned prince of the emerald faction. He decided to flee to Port Denaimu where he spent most of his days trying to organize a criminal organization under the corrupt leadership of Mayor Dren. Though it was quite difficult to gain a foothold within the corrupt town, he was still able to create a hidden language as well as a small organization that laundered stolen goods and acquired some rare treasures.
  • Thostin Ray
    This questioning individual seems rather interested in just about any knowledge and will do just about anything for it. they don't seem particularly strong however looks are very much a don't judge a book by its cover. he has many important roles in this story.

Sessions Archive

13th Apr 2019

Act 15.5 Introduction

This is an introduction and sample session to get the 2 newest players into the campaign. This is also a session for continued members to catch up on solo sessions for individual character development.

Previous Session Summary

22nd day of Aibreáin of the year of 1491

During the morning of the next day the players tried to locate the missing berufell person named Trym. During their endeavours they stumbled upon the headquarters of the rebel organization headquarts. Nimhe Nathair was falsely arrested prompting the attention of the Capital of Nepfirin where they had to send the chief of police to oversee the charges. His estimated arrival time is the morning of the 23th day of Aibreáin of the year of 1491.

Feeling like their companion was safe for now the remaining party members set off to rid a house of a spider problem. Little did they know that they set foot into a home infested with spider mimics. Once dispatched they decided to turn in the reward to the quest giver who happened to be Talvaster. They later discovered the reason for Nimhe's false imprisonment was because Talvaster decided to utilize her likeness to move around town without drawing attention to himself. Due to eye witness accounts they had place Nimhe at a scene of a gruesome murder of a public servant.

Due to an assassination attempt that took the life of the party member Jack, the party find themselves housed at Talvaster's place until they settle all the issues they have come across. Its late in the afternoon and the party has settled into their newest accommodation.

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17th Mar 2019

Act 15: Tale of blood and snow

Previous Session Summary:

21st day of Aibreáin of the year of 1491

Thostin and Jack awoke to hear a commotion outside of the chief's home. Upon inspection, they noticed a beautiful white microgryphon with icy blue eyes in distress. After cornering the creature to bring it inside to warm it up and get all the ice off, chief Ásgeir Ulvestad approaches them to ask them what they are doing with his pet gyrphon. After a brief explanation on both ends, the party receives a quest from the chief to locate a missing villager named Trym Hofstad.

Thostin asked Jack to bring the sleeping Hirca and Artura to the carriage since he didn't want them to be left behind. Jack took the request in the literal sense and tried to pick up Hirca to bring outside. During this time Jack lost the sleeping Artura to the while microgryphon. Not wanting to chase the bird he dragged Hirca by her arms outside stating that she needs to lose some weight. Once outside he dragged her to Thostin who not knowing what to do with the unconscious Hirca, told Jack to place him in the carriage and to check on Jubei since apparently there was a deep freeze over the night and they all left Jubei in the metal carriage since he was too heavy to jointly carry into the chief's home. Jack dragged Hirca to the carriage and since he didn't have enough strength to lift her into it, decided to prop her up against the carriage. Looking inside the carriage, Jack saw a frozen wolf and Jubei was solid to the touch. He reported his findings to Thostin who convinced him everything was going to be okay.

During the talk of the disposal of the dead body, Hirca awoke in the freezing snow beside the carriage. She passive aggressively dismissed Jack and went back into the chief's home to search for Artura. Artura was able to get away from the microgryphon and flew down to Hirca. The party made some last minute preparations before setting off to Snow Spire to look for Trym, Ardryll, the kidnapped villagers and the order. During their travel to Snow Spire, they stopped to collect a rare ingredient. This resulted in Jack and Hirca falling into a frozen lake and being attacked by 2 frost goblins. Thostin left Jack and Hirca to pull themselves out of the water to fight the frost goblins. During his powerful attack, he accidentally shattered the ice around the carriage causing it to sink into the frigid waters. Artura was able to safely fly out of the carriage but Jubei, his wolf and Snappy were lost. The party then continued their travels on foot to Snow Spire.

The party arrived at Snow Spire late in the evening. They overheard a few villagers talking about a thief but when asked more information, rudely dismissed them. Jack was exhausted from the travels and the Party was forced to retire for the night at the local inn. Jack and Hirca passed out from the eventful day where Thostin went off to shower and acquire a separate sleeping arrangement from the party.

2nd Mar 2019

Act 14: Snow Drakes and Spires

Previous Session Summary:

18th day of Aibreáin of the year of 1491

After a long and exhausting night, the party awoke to a strange occurrence where Vaeril pointed out a note stuck to the front door with a dagger. Apparently, whoever hired Draco to gather information on the party was unhappy with Draco. Hirca, Jubei, Thostin, Oz and Leona set out to look for Draco who Vaeril apparently saw going out earlier to hunt. The party was quick to discover the minced remains of Draco deep in the forest. Thostin seized the opportunity and salvaged the pelt of Draco as the rest of the party set off to the destroyed village to look for a shovel to bury their fallen companion. On their way to the village the group saw movement in the distance. They stopped to take a better look not realizing a bear had snuck up behind them. The party engaged the bear, Jubei had drawn his wild magic sword, causing him to switch minds with the creature. Hirca let fly her arrow to expertly hit Oz in the back of the head quickly severing his spine and killing him. The bear now in the body of Jubei, lunged and attacked Leona causing the wild magic sword to activate and impaling Leona with hundreds of sharp crystals. Hirca took this opportunity to flee into the village dodging the packs of wolves while the bear Jubei stripped naked and chased after her. Jubei who was in the body of the bear, ran into the forest to wait out the temporary switch.

Thostin who left the group to sell off the dragon pelt, now set off to search for the party. Along the way he spotted the two dead bodies and a naked Jubei running around the destroyed village. He raided the bodies of all valuables and entered the village. He joined up with some villagers named Erica and Takon who were salvaging resources around town. They later found Hirca cowering under a nightstand in Vaeril’s home which Thostin had a hard time trying to get her to move. During this interaction Takon believed Thostin was trying to harm Hirca and tried to attack him. Thostin sensing the casting of a spell, quickly cast grease causing everyone to slip, causing Erica to slip and fall to her death. Takon left to check on his companion while Thostin dragged Hirca to go see if Jubei was ok. They found him in a destroyed jail cell fully sane again.

They all headed back to the safe house after discovering some nice clothes in Vaeril’s home and a phoenix. Nimhe and Jack joined the party and they all set off down the road to search for the missing villagers. During their trip they discovered a dead body in the middle of the road. They raided the journal off the dead body and continued forward. They later came across a frost giant who had lost his pet owlbear. The party made a deal with the frost giant to search for his bear if he helped them locate the missing villagers. He agreed and the party headed back to the safe house since it was getting late.

19th day of Aibreáin of the year of 1491

The party awoke and went to the village to search for the lost owlbear. After defeating a small pack of wolves, they were able to attract the owlbear to them with the allure of meat and blackberries. Thostin was able to charm the beast and rode on him all the way back to the last location where they met the frost giant. The Frost giant was waiting with 16 villagers he was able to save from the order. He had pass on the information of the order’s forces telling Thostin that there was 2 Paladins and 10 knights and 30 squires with 9 wagons of kidnapped villagers. From what he could tell there was 16 villagers in each wagon and he was able to grab one of the 10. They thanked each other and Thostin made his way back to the group. They spent a good time cleaning the salvaged wagon and set off on their adventure. After a good ride they came to the mountains where their seemed to be a rock-slide. Thostin blew up the rubble pile causing it to rain down on the party. Thostin almost died from a giant boulder crushing his lower half. They patched themselves up and continued down the road. They came to an impasse as there was a giant chasm in front of them.

They met Tim who was a hunter and he offered to help them for the night. The group followed Tim to a cozy hunting cottage where they pigged out on venison sausages. Jubei got into Thostin’s aged wine and knocked himself out.

20th day of Aibreáin of the year of 1491

The party awoke to discovering that their items were missing and Tim was no where to be found. It was at this time the party decided to travel to Berufell, which Tim had briefly mentioned that he was from.

Along the way, Thostin had taken interest in a obsidian obelisk that was at the entrance of the dragon turtle shell bridge. He managed to break open the obelisk to reveal an object of immense power. Nimhe had taken the object away from him and placed it in a safe contained location. This object also seemed to be sealing a baby dragon turtle, which Thostin charmed and named Snappy.

After a long and stressful journey for Hirca, the party arrived at Berufell in the middle of the night. The village was quite and the innkeeper refused to offer services to the party. It was at this time that Thostin decided to complain to the village chief by "inviting" himself into his home. After clearing up some miscommunications, the party settled down for a long rest.

The Protagonists

Ponzi Schemezolla

Garret Grimslöv

Level 4 Aasimar chaotic-good Paladin oath of ancients
45 / 45 HP

Netrueal Dargo Draconis

Level 3 Dwarf (werebear) Lawful Neutral Barbarian, Wild Soul
(Haunted One)
/ 44 HP

Hirça Odinson

Level 20 Half-Elf Chaotic Neutral Ranger (Tasha)
(Far Traveler (Sightseer))
142 / 174 HP

Thostin Ray

Level 6 Moon Elf Chaotic Neutral Sorcerer
/ 44 HP

Guest Character 2

Former Judicator Artura Reinnleuchte

Warwick Lee

Level 2 Human CN Bard
/ 10 HP

Guest Character 1

Nimhe Nathair

Level 10 Anthroserpoid Neutrail Druid Circle of Forest
/ 91 HP