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Se02Ep22 Report

General Summary



What have you learned while adventuring?

  Lostin has learned SOOO much adventuring. Besides actually fighting , singing and spell casting (he started a rogue) his biggest lesson is that Magic should be left to the professionals. His spell-casting hasn't gone so well and tends to get in the way of his blade.   Rodger Lastname Something Rodger learned while adventuring is that there are no good choices. That all you can hope for is a quiet retirement without too many ghosts, if you can drink them away.   Sambra has learned that he can't do everything himself, and that he will need help from his friends to do good in the world. During his travels, he's had to deal with and learn to work with all types of creatures. From these experiences, he is starting to understand that his racist tendencies are counter-productive to him accomplishing great things...   Magnus has learned that people will believe anything for a good cause. Fear: He fears being Irreverent. That nothing he does will leave any impression or mark on history or the world.   Seom Rando learned that with a little help from a few buddies, you can come away with some pretty good gear, and with good gear comes swift and complete retribution of opposition   Ark Ark has learned his childish antics has cost him a lot of time and the need to take up responsibilities now with his parents gone has become all the more necessary.             5 inspiration for Rodger Lastname one for reroll on skill challenge one for prone with weapon

Rewards Granted

2 pair embroidered glove set with jewel chips (his and hers, bloddy) 5000gp
Gold circlet set with four aquamarines 2500gp
8 demon fingers

/*   */

  20,000 gp for Rodger Lastname xbow   ishas the mighty, djinn from CoB

Missions/Quests Completed


Character(s) interacted with

/* deathlock Hezrou manes Devkarin Lich skeletons maralith ghoul Bodak ratatosk */

  Xiomara Nelzomoc is the high priestess of Chalchiuhtlicue in Sigil, and now a close personal friend of Rodger. She has provided valuable counseling for him and his feelings of sadness regarding his family. By replacing those feelings with vengeful rage, as Chalchiuhtlicue would will it.

Created Content

lostin deception
miles athletics
magnus intimidation (holy symbols)
seom land vehicles
sambra arcana (knowledge of the plane)
rodger stealth (steam cloud)
ark persuasion keeping calm
losten performance (ride of the valkyries on pan flute)
miles perception to guide the robot down
magnus religion for a weakness
23 damage to the fel reaver

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Rodger Lastname

Level 15/3 Tiefling Chaotic Good Rogue/Fighter
(Criminal (Smuggler))
/ 96 HP
Report Date
10 Aug 2020
Primary Location
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