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The Black Dawn: Gang War

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Singularity Realm
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Supporting Cast
  • Ada Khreaper
    Robbed of her own identity by infamous hacker Jinx, this unidentified woman became the innocent target to Jinx's own criminal justice. Her life and identity destroyed, she wants nothing but revenge.
  • Isabella Cromoni
    Daughter of the reviled mob boss Searus Cromoni, Isabella inherited the mafia after her father's and many mafiosos' deaths and her subsequent escape from the Black Mountain.
  • Malia Deceit
    Member of the Valed Deceit, Malia Deceit was a famous criminal skilled in burglary and subterfuge. She met her end at the hands of her one-time allies, the Black Dawn.
  • Unknown Halfling Woman
    Left alone and unconscious on the side of the highway, a halfling woman woke up to find her husband's corpse next to her; murdered by the Black Dawn. Having lost everything to those criminals, she wants nothing but revenge.
  • V
    High Priest of the Church of the Arcane Petrological, V is a powerful but mysterious force in the criminal underworld. The Black Dawn's end of a deal with V was not held up, much to the anger of V.

Sessions Archive

30th Jan 2022

Part III: The Masquerade

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14th Dec 2021

Part II: Gang War's Dawn

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31st Oct 2021

Session I: Getting the Band Back Together

As Valland's criminal underworld shifts on the precipice of eruption, the people of Valland fear a return of the Black Dawn. Which faction will rise to the top in the power vacuum created by their elimination of the Slicers?

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The Protagonists


Son of the Night Balasar Blackwater

Avaahn Casper

Aurelia Nailo