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Invaders of the Holy Mountain

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Gothenya
Nov 2018 Never! | Full
The world of Gothenya is fraught with terror, but there are those who find the strength to conquer their fears and explore its depths. You are amongst those few, and you have a mission. The magic of the Holy Mountain Celene has been pilfered by evil men, ones who do not fathom the power they now wield. The very magic of the gods, transferred into items to tempt men.   It is your task to retrieve as many of these accursed items of the arcane, before the powers that desire them collect enough to undo the very fabric of creation.   But you won't be alone in this quest. You are under the employ of a mysterious old mage, one who funds your operation and provides you with the necessary magic to combat the forces you'll go up against. With all hope, you will persevere in your solemn adventure. If you fail, the world will feel the consequences.

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  • Map of The World of Gothenya
    Map of the primary continents of the world.
  • Map of Hariel Majour
  • Map of Bramble
    Map of the "boom town" of Bramble. Legend included in article about Bramble in the table of contents.
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1st Mar 2019

Adventure Two, Session Two

The party fell into a trap sprung by an odd confederation of manticores, gnolls and bugbears who seemed to be targeting the supplies being transported to Bramble. After eliminating a good number of foes, the party was beset by their overwhelming reinforcements. Hurt and about to go down, things looked quite bleak. At that moment, a horde of skeletal undead burst through the trees. What initially looked to be more enemies turned out to be a counterstrike against the gnolls and their allies. The skeletons seemed to be led by an undead knight, bearing the "Raven of Rocha" on his plate armor. The party later learned this was most likely Lord Vorliss, once heir to the Barony of Rocha itself (several hundred years past). Whatever his motivation, Vorliss commanded the party to "run," while his undead soldiers created a distraction. The party barely escaped with their lives. Upon reaching Bramble, they learned that the shipment of goods they were sent with was a ruse. All worthless rags and lead weights. Feeling a sense of trust with Zelna (who aided greatly in their battle against the gnolls), the PC's brought her to Krimko (aka Kelike Varble) who, though initially dubious of the whole matter, quickly changed his tune and embraced his lost love. Shortly after their reunion, Zelna suggested a celebratory dinner, at which several things were revealed. First, the tragic tale of Lord Vorliss, who had the misfortune of falling in love (back when he was alive) with a warlock of Krytuss. This warlock used his love against him, convincing him to challenge her dark lord for greater power. She planted ideas in his head about the celestial boons that were due to him. In actuality, she was offering her "love" to Krytuss as a sacrifice. Ultimately, Krytuss slew Vorliss and brought him back as a Death Knight, in "devout service" to himself. Vorliss was tasked with a debt to repay, if he ever wished to find peace in death. He must bring glory and power to Krytuss, and help the "sleeping god" in his return to power. Perhaps the Rod of Ryktuss is pivotal in this aim? Next, the nature of the steel rod in Zelna's possession was revealed. Or at least, what they believe it to be. It seems it is the scepter of Ryktuss, the Lord of the Dead (and brother to Krytuss, the Lord of Corruption and Decay). The rod, when reunited with its missing eye, has the power to both command the dead back into animated service, as well as control the minds of the living (turning them into "living zombies"). Krimko needs help interpreting the rod, and deciphering its full powers (not to mention determining whether or not it is truly the Rod of Ryktuss). To this end, he asks the party to help him enlist the aid of a necromancer-in-hiding, Quinias Merto (and his dog Jobo). Quinias lives near the small city of Sacrament (which lies west of Last Harvest, on the road to Angleport), where he maintains a vault at the "Wymer & Sons Money Lenders." The party agrees to escort Zelna to the bank (as she also needs to be examined, since she's had prolonged contact with the cursed rod), where they are to meet Quinias and have him "test" her and the magical item. After allowing a few days for Krimko and Zelna to catch up, the party prepares to venture forth to Sacrament...

22nd Oct 2018

Adventure Two, Session One

Wherein the party meets a new friend and rekindles and old romance...

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