Episode 25: Save the Children

General Summary

The group reutrns to the city of Froúrio to help with the evacuation and share news of their discovery.


Return to Froúrio

The group returns to Froúrio. The weather is the odd calm that comes before major storms. The air is completely clear, and the first tropical warmth can be felt in the winds.   Upon reaching the entrance to the city, they find the area mostly deserted. A small group of merchants, residents and citizens numbering no more than 30 remain supporting the final evacuation of the city. The rest of the residents have already moved to the caves.   Magnus heads straight back towards the Akadimía Administrative Offices. Entering the room currently being used as a command center, they find Kyros Megalos and Kallisto Mégalou. Kyros is working with Theron Angelos on the logistics of the evacuation. Gallus Thalasópoulos is working with Kallisto on logistics for defense.   Kallisto looks up at Magnus and simply says "You're late."   Magnus smiles. "Yes, I know. I am sorry. We had to detour to take care.... the bad news is we had to detour to take care of a little problem underground."   Kallisto looks at Cille, "He's getting really good at saying that."   Magnus ignores the comment and continues. "The good news is that we found a good, safe, base of operations. And resources. Lots of resources."   Kyros looks up. "What do you mean, safe?"   Magnus turns to him. "Old fortification. Ancient tribe who settled here. Lost city, in remarkably good shape. Hidden."   Cille intervenes and shares what she discovered about the city and shares her suspicion that the city is the remains of the Persópoulos Tribe.   Both Kyros and and Kallisto seem to recognize the term.   Theron and Kyros break into a quick short discussion. The group struggles to follow the half-sentences.   After a few moments, Theron nods. "It just might work."   Kallisto speaks up. "We've run into a problem. We're using these ancient lava tubes for storage, like the locals normally do. At first, it was no big problem. However people have started going missing. At first we thought it was people just getting lost. And then we found the bodies, and the smell. It's the type of smell you get around the great boiling valley. That smell of rotten eggs. Apparently in the winter the gas settles and builds up, and it's poisonous."   Kyros nods. "And it's a bigger problem once we'll need to seal the entrance for the storm."   "Where is this fortress?" asks Theron.   Kyros spreads out a map.   Vulcan looks at it and then highlights the areas on the map. They appear to be about 15 to 20km apart, or about a half days walk fully loaded.   Magnus suggests that if there is still time, they consider relocating to the ruins.   Cille considers, but cautions that they have not fully explored the ruins. "It can be used, but I wouldn't suggest randomly exploring."   Gallus looks up from the map. "After what they've experienced at the Abandoned Caves, I don't think that it'll be a problem getting them to stay put."   Conversation shifts to focus on the mechanics of making the move.  

Trouble on the Horizon

  One of Otlyn's classmates, Isidor Aerasópoulos, enters. "There are more ships." She reports on the findings from her far-seeing spell. "They are probably up to between 50 and 100 ships. They are just off the coast of Megálo nisí and still gathering."   "They'll have weather witches aboard." says Kallisto.   The group protests that the magnitude of the coming storm should make the weather witches irrelevant.   "It shouldn't matter. We're leaving," answers Magnus. "No one will be here and we'll hide. Let them come and explore, but we need to be gone."   Cille suggests offhand getting the Xorn to guard the cave, but acknowledges there are pros and cons.   Isador quirks her head and then asks, "Xorn?" She shakes her head and says "Regardless of what we do, we need to do it fast. The storm is going to be here fast."  


The group looks at Theron. "We'll have everything out of the city in the next 12-24 hours. Even with moving to the ruins, we should be done within 48 hours."   Kyros sighs. "We have a check in shortly with Eleusis. Let's see what they have to say."   Theron nods and continues to outline the plan for the newly returned colleagues.   Magnus, thinking about normal Empire tactics thinks out loud. "We could burn the city." After a few folks look at him, he considers. "Nevermind. I forget you build your buildings out of stone."   Cille looks at the logistics. "Could we use the Røyskatt to speed things up?"   Gallus introduces himself. "I don't think we've met. Gallus Thalasópoulos from Ilioúpolis."   After a brief exchange, he continues. "It's a good idea, but you're going to need to get that ship into the caverns very soon. It won't handle the outer winds."   Cille considers and agrees. Frustrated at not being able to make an immediate difference she sends an animal messenger off to Rizon Thalasópoulos at the caves to begin the prep for the second move.   Magnus looks over at Kallisto who is pouring over the maps. It's clear from her posture that she's far more concerned than the rest of the room.   Magnus steps over. Looking at the tactical situation, he begins to offer a number of suggestions from fire-oil, magic, deception.   Kallisto waves him off. "We've considered all of that. If they do land, it'll be a straight up fight."   Cille steps over to join them. "We should also make sure once we've moved from the caves, that we obliterate the trail."   Gallus nods. Theron joins them at the maps as well agrees. "We can't do anything about the trails to the caves, but we can certainly cover the second move."  

Eleusis checkin

  Vulcan and Otlyn had been helping with evacuation logistics. They join the group for the call.   As the connection springs into life, several of their companions become visible in the room. Irtokax, Yas, and Ajax Telamunus nod their greetings.   Kyros begins to share the most recent update and complications with the caves. He describes the source of the gas buildup in the caves, and that it can't be resolved easily.   It's clear from the update that the two groups have been in close contact since Cille, Otlyn, Magnus and Vulcan left with the Xorn.   When Kyros reaches the new option, he gestures to Cille. "We might to be able to move to a different location, rather than venteliate."   Ajax inclines his head. "Good to see you are well. What did you find?"   Magnus looks at Cille, then picks up. "We are evacuating Froúrio. To the place we discovered solving the mushroom problem."   Ajax cracks a smile. "Ah. That mirror Asími had was very handy. We monitored your progress until you reached the entrance, however it was unable to show us what went on inside."   Magnus continues. "Yes. Interesting magic, or anti-magic involved there."   Vulcan perks up at the mention of the mirror. "Can the mirror be used to discern the actions of the ships?"   Ajax considers and nods at his fellow engineering classmate. "Yes, I think it could. When I return to Asimi's…. abode, I will ask him to do so."   Ajax thinks a moment more, and then asks Chryseis, who isn't in the field of view, whether the communication mechanism can be moved. "It takes quite a bit of time to traverse between this facility and Asími's location."   While they wait for a response.   Cille describes the encounter with the Dao and asks whether the ancient being they defeated could have been a dragon in disguise. Chryseis steps into view. "Not that I'm aware of. While there are several of our ranks that are missing, I'm unaware of any of them that match your description. Rather, I think it more likely an elemental lord of some form trapped here since the great seal."   Cille visibly relaxes.   Chryseis turns to Ajax and confirms that the magical device powering the communications can be moved to different locations, and she will help him temporarily relocate their side up to Asimi's location. She will have to accompany the device as currently she's the only one attuned to sufficiently operate the device.   A brief side discussion occurs between Vulcan and Otlyn about using the cubic gate to evacuate. Otlyn, glancing at Chryseis, shakes her head. "I don't expect her to want a bunch of rando's showing up in her home."   Chryseis smiles slightly and then describes the procedure for moving the device to Ajax and Vulcan. The two get extremely interested and at least one mutters "I didn't know it could do that!"   Kyros checks the time. "Vulcan, you'll take the device with you to the ruins?"   Vulcan nods his assent and Kyros continues. "We'll connect again in 12 hours." He closes the call.   Vulcan immediately sets to disassembling the device while Cille considers yanking on his tail. Kyros and Theron look on with amusement.   As Magnus watches with amusement, he begins to recall where he interacted with Theros. One of the four antagonists at the moonstone, Theros was one of Kyros's sycophants at the school.  

Hermione and Astor's whereabouts

  Cille breaks the silence and asks "Has anyone heard from Hermione?"   "And Astor?" calls out Vulcan from under the table.   The room gives a collective shrug.   "Poor guy." mutters Vulcan.   Kallisto looks under the table at Vulcan. "If she doesn't want to be found, we're not going to find her."   Otlyn looks over at Isador, a distant relative to Eunice and Hermione from the northern island.   Isador looks curiously at Kallisto's failure to use Hermione's name. Taking a breath, she clears her throat. "We've left messages. She'll contact us if there are any issues."  

Crethon Arrives

Paris Meletitís bursts into the room. "He's here!"   The group tries to calm Paris down to figure out who he's referring to. Before they can calm the young man, a knock at the door calls for their attention.   Standing in the doorway is Crethon, the Meletitís Family steward. He gives a short bow.   Crethon turns to those he knew and asks, "Phlios?"   Kyros gestures at the map. "Already up at the caves. You can accompany the next group on their way up if you'd like."   With that, Vulcan, Cille and Otlyn approach Crethon while the rest of the group begins to gather their things to depart.  

Kallisto's Worries

Magnus looks over at Kallisto and sees she's concerned about the potential for the attack. He understands from his own military experience that her concern is valid, but her focus appears disproportionate to the risk.   Magnus approaches Kallisto who is still pouring over the map. He touches her on the arm and indicates with a nod of his head towards a quiet corner of the room.   Kallisto looks up from the maps, then stands and follows him. "It's good to have you back."   Magnus kisses her with the passion of separation. She returns a distracted kiss, and Kyros coughs pointedly.   Crethon, noticing the two, raises an eyebrow and then turns back Magnus's companions.   Magnus ignores them and looks at Kallisto. Quietly he whispers, "There's something else bothering you isn't there?"   Kallisto places her head in her hands. "Damian's ship is leading this group. This is personal. He's not going to let us get away, storm or no storm."   Magnus shrugs. "What about that is your main concern. If we have to fight him, we fight him."   Kallisto glares at Magnus. Assuming an excellent imitation of Nausicaa Mégalou, the former martial studies instructor, she asks "How many troops fit on a Trireme?"   Magnus answers flatly, "About a 100."   Kallisto continues. "They were at 50 ships at first check, and best estimates are now close to 100. And they continue to add ships by the hour. They will be able to land thousands of troops. Quickly."   Magnus acknowledges this, but then shifts the discussion to the storm. "There are storms and then there are storms. If everything we've been hearing is correct then this storm has enough power to wipe this city and most of this island off the map. Most of them would die if they landed during the storm."   Kallisto looks somewhat relieved, but counters. "And every one of those ships will have a weather ritualist. A group that large..." She trails off, but the implication that they could divert or dampen the storm is clearly her concern.   Magnus places a hand on her shoulder. "That is also something we can't plan for, nor can we control. We play the hand we're dealt. The entire fleet cannot be destroyed, but they're going to lose many ships. We've been told to expect a generational storm."   She shakes her head. "I hear you. But I also underestimated him once, and now my mother is a prisoner in her own home."   The two share a meaningful look, and then Kallisto returns to pouring over the tactical situation.   Magnus returns to his companions, who are discussing potential tactical options for dealing with the ships. They have already discussed using Greek Fire and dismissed it due to the winds. They are currently discussing the ability of party members using flight, invisibility, the capabilities of their armor, or Otlyn to apply the mixture to the ships.   Crethon listens quietly to the combination, along with Gallus. After a few more minutes of discussion, they dismiss the ideas and decide to focus on the evacuation.  

Back to the Caves

The group departs Froúrio, along with many of the Meletitís Family household staff. Several familiar faces, such as Pelopia, Euripides, accompany them.   A short time outside of the city, Crethon approaches Magnus. "I wanted to let you know that I've been made aware of the circumstances surrounding Patroclus's death. I am proud of his effort and his sacrifice. If you have time once this crisis has passed to share more with me, I would appreciate it."   Magnus acknowledges him. "I would be honored. He served bravely, and died doing his duty. There is nothing I could have asked that he did not give."   Pelopia nearby reacts with quiet sobs, and the group continues on in silence.   The group arrives a few hours later, in late afternoon.   Cille immediately seeks out Rizon and shares an update on the plan and outlines the location of the ruins. Rizon looks skeptical, "We just got here? And your... messenger... just reached here an hour ago?" He looks at Vulcan and Otlyn and shouts "Unreasonable!" He then sets about re-grouping.   Crethon and Phlios are re-united. Phlios offers to stay behind along with Crethon and help with logistics while the group begins moving people and supplies to the new location.   Rizon has already moved the Røyskatt up to the caverns.  


  Thessala Thalasopoúlou agrees to join the group and help run logistics at the Ruins. Cille pulls her aside and is very clear that no one is to explore the ruins, stressing the dangers. Thessala smirks, but agrees.   Phlios wishes them well. He has to track down the younger ones.   Crethon had already seen Paris Meletitís. He questions whether Iola Meletitís and Tydeus Meletitís arrived.   Phlios nods and the two set off together to find them.   Rizon declares the first group ready, they set off to the ruins. Progress is reasonable. The slower pace of the herds accompanying them begin to stretch the migration out over several kilometers.   On arrival at the ruins, they set the administration up in the Audience Chamber. Herds are set up in XIX, while families are set up in the variety of chambers surrounding them. The two paths to XLVII and XXIX are blocked off. Otlyn bribes the Xorn to protect that area.   The group, leaves the migration in the hands of Thessala and returns back to the caves.   Cille shifts into Sam the sheep dog (?) and begins to herd/hurry the animals.   The migration stretches on into the night, with well over half of the group and animals relocated. A few hours remain  

Lost Children

Crethon approaches them, looking quite concerned. Several of the younger children, including many of the Ilioúpolis children have apparently wandered off and haven't been seen. Crethon and Phlios are worried they have gone deeper into the caverns where the poison gas is collecting.   Cille, still in the form of a sheep dog, nudges Crethon and barks, sniffing him. Crethon looks down at him. Cille barks again.   Magnus pipes up. "Crethon, that's Cille. She can shape shift. She's looking for something with their scent to track them."   Crethon nods sharply and leads them back to their belongings arranged around a small camp-like area.   Cille sniffs and then sets off. Otlyn, Magnus and Vulcan follow close behind.  

Deep in the Tunnels

Cille leads the group deeper into the lava tubes. After about 20-30 minutes, the smell of fumes gets worse. It's not debilitating, but clearly not safe for long durations.   As they group proceeds, the ground gets rougher. Large chunks of rock lie on the floor, requiring a slower pace.   Shortly after entering the more difficult terrain, both Vulcan and Cille become aware of several corpse-like figures moving towards them. Vulcan scouts ahead and sees four of corpses of locals, while two of the corpses wearing Norjord arms and armor. The final figure appears to be Nausicaa Mégalou, their former martial studies teacher. He saw no hostages.   Vulcan, panics, and withdraws back to the group and shares what he saw.   Cille flattens her ears and whines.   Magnus steps forward, brandishing his glowing blade. Shouting out a warding prayer he yells, "Begone!" and calls out a shield of faith.   Several of the zombies, including one of the warriors turn at the sight of the shining blade and flee further back into the tunnel. The remaining zombies continue to move forward towards the group.   One of the warrior zombies connects with Magnus, slamming into him with both fists.   Cille dives forward and snaps at the warrior zombie. Connecting, she rips off a chunk of flesh.   Vulcan yells, "Blow them up!"   Otlyn, obliging, drops a ball of searing light and steam into the middle of the group of corpses. Several of the zombies howl and drop, motionless.   Vulcan leaps forward, stabbing his blades into the side of the martial studies teacher.   Cille leaps at the warrior Zombie again, and gnaws deeply on him. While he is down, Magnus slashes his sword across the torso. Magnus reverses the grip on the blade and slams down into the Zombie's skull. With a flash of light, the head explodes into bits of flesh and bone. Magnus extracts his blade and gives Cille a vicious grin.   The teacher looks down at Vulcan. With a swift movement, she makes two deep slashes across Vulcan's chest. His eyes roll up back into his head as he falls to the ground.   Otlyn cries out and a lightning bolt slams into the teacher's chest, coursing across her metal armor.   Cille shifts quickly back from her wolf shape and swings her axe and connects soundly. The teacher turns and raises a shield to deflect a second blow.   Magnus yells "Vulcan, no!" He leaps forward and places a hand on Vulcan's chest. With a warm glow, the wound slowly closes. Whispering "Kick. Her. Ass." in Vulcan's ear, he moves opposite Cille.   Vulcan sucks in a deep breath and rasps, "On it."   Nausicaa reaches forward and grabs Cille by the throat, seeming to drain the life from her.   Otlyn throws another lightning bolt in a fit of rage. Lightning courses again across the metal armor. She releases Cille and drops to the ground.   Magnus helps Vulcan up. The group works on healing Vulcan. After a few moments, Vulcan kicks the teacher and snarls, "I never liked you anyway."   They set off after the remaining fleeing warrior zombie. Vulcan catches it and quickly stabs him.   Cille throws her axe, but misses.   Magnus unsheathes his bow and sends two arrows into the warrior zombie.   The zombie swings at Vulcan. He lands one of the blows, with Vulcan absorbing some of the damage through use of a spell.   Otlyn once again throws another lightning bolt at the Zombie. The bolt connects and the charred body of the zombie drops to the ground, motionless.   Vulcan kicks the body to the side of the cave and throws a dagger into the corpse in a fit of rage.   Three small children scream out in terror. The others gather the children together and lead them out while they stare in fear at Vulcan.   As they move back towards the front of the lava tubes, they realize that the corpse of the Marital Studies teachers is missing. Covering the eyes of the children, they move through the scene quickly.   Phlios rushes forward and throws his arms around the children. Crethon thanks the brave warriors.   It's early hours of the day before the storm hits, and there are 25% of the group remaining. The group needs to determine if a long rest is taken.


Encounter: Those aren't the kids
Encounter | Jan 3, 2021

Otlyn Venúék

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20 Dec 2020

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