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Adventures of Isekai

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Isekai
May 2020 | Full
Contracted by Fire & Gold, Inc., a group of twelve adventurers travels to the Underdark to establish a trading post in the name of one of the largest trading companies on the Northern Continent. During their travels and adventures, they find themselves buried within the web of secrets that surrounds Monitrex, a missing Ancient Dragon, and a religion lost to the ages.  
Adamantine Flames
Organization | Nov 16, 2020

The Adamantine Flames, a party of the Dagger Guild, was established during the early months of the year 300 E.A. While its numbers were small in the beginning, it soon grew to contain twelve guild members and their various pets.

The Protagonists
1st Lieutenant Smaug Osiris
Neutral Good Dragonborn
Barbarian 5

/ 68
Phineas T. Barnum
Level 3 Genasi Chaotic good Red Mage
(story teller)
/ 23 HP
Level 5 Dwarf Neutral Good Cleric (forge domain)
(Gild Artisan)
38 / 38 HP
Paladin of the Ancients Reinys Ylyndar
Neutral Good High Elf
Paladin 5

(Knight of the Order)
/ 60
Zanus Zambith
Neutral Good Minotaur
Fighter 3

(Urban Bounty Hunter)
/ 45
Raiden Jax
Neutral Good Human
Pugilist 3

/ 32

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  • Map of Isekai
  • Map of Vóreios
    Vóreios is the Northern Continent of Isekai. Here, one can find temperate forests, large mountain ranges, the largest lake in the world, and a variety of other geography and races that can be found no where else.

Sessions Archive

28th Nov 2020

Session 11: Dwarven Miners to the Caverns

After a couple days in Monitrex, the group returns home to the cavern with a caravan of dwarves and the Grand Duelist of the Human Empire in tow.

10th Sep 2020

Session 10: The Lowers

After escaping their first encounter in the Lowers of Monitrex due to the help of Clara the Duergar, the group now searches for Third Sons and the Paladins of Tartarus that call this lawll

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5th Sep 2020

Session 9: Monitrex

After all their other adventures, the group finally makes it to Monitrex to meet their Drow neighbors.

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29th Aug 2020

Session 8: Drow Cities

After surviving the tomb and the dark city, the inhabitants of Mithril Mantle have no choice but to go to the Drow city of Monitrex and learn more about the questionable history that gives more questions than answers.

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15th Aug 2020

Session 7: The Third Pact

The dark city left more questions about the third deity the city worshipped. At the lake, the party was beginning to find answers, but the truth has yet to be seen.

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18th Jul 2020

Session 6: Return from the Dark City

A few of the group went to the dark Drow city beyond the mist, but they may be coming home with more questions than answers.

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11th Jul 2020

Session 5: Underdark Surprises

The party was visited by the soldiers of the Drow city of Monitrex. What further surprises await them in the depths?

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4th Jul 2020

Session 4: Travel Farther

As the group explores more and sees more of the horrors of the Underdark, they have come to see what the tunnels near their home have to offer.

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6th Jun 2020

Session 3: Deeper Still

After meeting some of their neighbors and speaking with the Xorn, the party explored more of the caves surrounding their home. More exploring means continuing deeper into the Underdark.

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16th May 2020

Session 2: Explore the Underdark

After a couple of days of settling into their new home, the cavern they chose is beginning to shape up through the hard work of everyone. Now, their neighbors have taken notice of their handiwork.

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9th May 2020

Session 1: Into the Underdark

The party has been tasked with establishing a trading post in the Underdark by Fire & Gold, Inc. Now it is time to delve in and choose a location for their home for the next six months.

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