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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Wyrlde (2020)


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The first Book covers the rise of the heroes as they find their Weirds, their fates, and come to see the Destiny that prophecy has laid out for them.   But there is much to learn, and our heroes must grow into the roles laid out for them, and there are dark and dread and fell forces being brought to bear. From the unnamed horror that brings them together to the risk of the high seas and the rescue of a Nobleman who will prove to be either a Boon or a Bane, this first of five campaigns will take the characters from their start to 4th-6th level.

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Sat 4th January 2020 18:30

Episode One: Dream a little Dream with me

On waking up in the morning on the first day of the new Year's Festival, you feel excited to begin this new chapter of your life as a member of the Adventurer's Guild, some stranger having paid your membership for a decade and promising to gift you with three things of great worth.   You look out the window of the Public House room you are staying in, just inside the walls of Eldorado itself, and see people starting to push away the winter snow. It is a new day, a new dawn, and you wonder what you will make of it, just as a knock comes on your door...

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Supporting Cast
  • The Great The Great Wazoo
    Old and doddering, with a whistling diction and peculiar manner, Wazoo is a silly man who has little patience, but a vast sense of humor.
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  • Map of Wyrlde: Avilon

    The continent of Avilon is the setting for the Wyrlde Campaign, a large and robust campaign. The setting is based on a variety of sources and is just off enough from the normal to seem both very familiar and also quite different. Wyrlde is often described as "just another anime influenced setting for D&D 5e", though saying such ignores the particular kinds of anime, which are not the standard ones many people think of.   The core of Wyrlde's excitement happens in the West, among the Bright Lands. To the East is the barbaric buffer of Hyborea and the Shadow Lands, and then the bloody hells of the Dread Realms. Within the Bright Realms lies the crown jewel, the city of Sibola, Father of Cities. Other realms include Aztlan, Qivira, Eldorado, and the slaver realm of Lemuria.   Ships ply not only the Seven Seas, but the Many Skies, massive airships that haul cargo and people, and across the earth in the locomotive, which crosses through the nine realms in fierce resistance to the wylde lands between the more civilized regions.   Join Arabesque, as she gives you a tour of the world that exists in the spaces between, and challenges the traditional worlds without shattering the traditions.