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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Toril

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Players will assume the roles of Wards of the Tresendar family, collectively raised in Hallwinter, the family's manor in the grand city of Neverwinter. Each had their own careers and adventures, but they returned home one fateful night to find that their patron and his wife had been murdered along with the entire household, leaving only two biological members of the family alive - the heir and his grizzled uncle. Together, the player characters escort the heir and his uncle to the family's ancestral country estate and begin the process of reclaiming the lands of the family from monsters and bandits. Unbeknownst the player characters, the heir's uncle was the last leader of the Black Company, a once famous and grand mercenary company and upon their success, he intends to gift them this prestigious mercenary charter, as he realizes they cannot safely return to Neverwinter.

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