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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Desolate
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  • Desolate World Map
    Map of the world. Shows all the settlements and roads through the Forlorn.
  • Faint Valley
  • Pleasant
Supporting Cast
  • Captain Rennalds
    The leader of The Overseers in the town of Pleasant. His duties are to push back the bandits towards Faint Valley.
  • Kubo
    Sheriff of Faint Valley

Scheduled Sessions

Sun 8th August 2021 18:00

Session 15: Onward to Pleasant

Sessions Archive

7th Aug 2021

Session 14: After the Meeting with Mayor Tiberius

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10th Jul 2021

Session 13: Finding the Next Clue

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27th Jun 2021

Session 12: Who are Dale and Kathy?

Will the gang figure out where and who Dale and Kathy are?

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20th Jun 2021

Session 11: Entering the Dungeon

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5th Jun 2021

Session 10: Where is the Dungeon

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23rd May 2021

Session 9: Welcome to Girdwood

The town of Girdwood has a lot to offer the gang. The mystery of the lost boy will begin to be answered.

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16th May 2021

Session 8: Who is the feathered man?

Will the gang find out more information about the feathered man?

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12th May 2021

Session 7: Finding Lost Goods

The gang awakes to some of their things missing!

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2nd May 2021

Session 6: The return to Pleasant

The gang has killed Craig and his Greydawn gang. They will be returning to Pleasant to collect their bounty. What will they do next?

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18th Apr 2021

Session 5: The End to Craig and the Greydawns

Will the gang be able to kill Craig, or will they die trying?

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11th Apr 2021

Session 4: Craig and the Greydawns

The gang sets out to find and Kill Craig and his posy; the Greydawns

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28th Mar 2021

Session 3: Pleasant and the finding of Gornstein

The gang has just arrived in the town of Pleasant on their journey to Girdwood.   There are bounty opportunities in Pleasant that are ripe for the picking!

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14th Mar 2021

Session 2: The Journey to Faint Valley and Sheriff Kubo

The bounty hunters have meet and are already on the hunt for blood. A bandit camp near Faint Valley has plagued the town and is going to need to be taken out.   Giant Vultures have been taken care of and the bounty hunters will need to show the trophy's to Kubo, Faint Valley's sheriff.

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7th Mar 2021

Session 1: The Journey to Faint Valley and Sheriff Kubo

Introduction to Desolate

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The Protagonists

Avix Cedric Malloran

Whistler Fox

Carver Krease