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[Computer Noises]

A GURPS game In the world of The Continent of Boesia
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Supporting Cast
  • Dr. Ciaran Kelham
    Dr Ciaran Kelham is a professor of anthropology at Andervane University in Tarbach. Recently on a research trip to the coastal Emberleaf town of Harich, Dr Kelham uncovered the ruins of Peldaramen, an ancient Dwarven city beneath the clifftop town. He contracted the party to escort him through the ruins to retrieve a damaged research drone and left the ruins after the party gave him a data drive with a condensed version of the city's archives.
  • High Chancellor Oriantha of Zavrandur
    Oriantha of Zavrandur is an ancient Dwarven AI assigned to administrate the city of Peldaramen. She was sleeping in the city's ruins until researchers from Andervane University uncovered an entrance and sent research drones in, waking her up. The mercenaries known as Lockhand (Milo Seagrave), Chouette (Joane), and Blackjack (Jack) saved Oriantha's life and advised her to escape before the researchers find her. Oriantha, now without any remaining directives to protect dwarvenkind is now a free being. She has left to find her purpose but promises to one day meet with the mercenaries again.

Scheduled Sessions

Sun 19th September 2021 16:00

Flashback: Escape from Facility 19

Joane and Jack escape NCASL Facility 19