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Episode Thirty-six - Soul Stone

General Summary

The Champions of Destiny arrived at the Fated Crossing and set about attempting to locate Baern Stonehammer in order to collect the yellow Godfather Gem. Informed by Drod of Fulkne that nearly two tenday had past since the party set foot in √Āthulus, the heroes had to work against Baern's will to take the stone from him. Thanks to clever talk from Grumwish and Arion's persistence and familiarity with such a situation, Arion was given the gem and he placed the so called Soul Gem in the hilt of princess' sword.   In the cosmic meeting room, the Champions called on Than to take them to Abeir-Toril. Upon the spelljammer Scavenger, the Champions met Omin Dran, known and hired by Than, and were taken to Kryptgarden Forest. The Champions met a questionable hag that Arion and Kelaryn spoke with on their travel along side one another until Duryo ran her off. Having decided to find shelter as they settled in, the Champions arrived at Red Larch.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Quest of Fate Continued.

Character(s) interacted with

Met Drod of Fulkne, N'ghathrod, and Omin Dran. Interacted with a green hag.

Created Content

N'ghathrod and Omin Dran [Roll20]

Kingdom Come
Report Date
13 May 2020
Primary Location

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