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The Stone Slayers Saga

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Vestrata
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Supporting Cast
  • Brogge Stalward
    An armor crafter in Bellend. Brogge specializes in the anti-magic metallurgy of Eropeic origin.
  • Clement Leroi Batard
    An immigrant orphan, Clement grew up on the street with nothing to his name. But he'd be damned if it was going to stay that way. Through years of crime and underhanded deals, he's built his criminal empire. He is also known as "The Dark Magician of Black Street"
  • Eirek Equinare
    A pale, skinny man who makes mount armor in Bellend. Eirek is always looking about, and is always paranoid.
  • Elijah Ditchem
    A loud, boisterous Dwarf. An ass when it comes to manners, but a helpful fellow.
  • Flokin Skjall
    A stoic Hobgoblin, Flokin is not a man of many words. His martial ability and disciplined attitude point towards military service, but curiously he does not speak of it. He has resided amongst his platoon of goblins near Mudd for some time, until becoming the helmsman for The Sly Sea-dog, Mundiir's ship.
  • Paladin Inquisitor Fransisco Jepeau
    A dedicated Paladin Inquisitor in Bellend. Fransisco is determined to keep magic from the streets of his beloved city.
  • Mundiir Silvertongue
    A rugged old smuggler, with a penchant for trouble. Mundiir has sailed most of the Vestratan waters, and found many tales to tell along the way. And a few good bars too. His overall allegiance is to himself, and his ship. No man can tell him how to live when he's sailing the world.
  • Olga Strongjaw
    A large, manly orc blacksmith in Bellend. Olga (despite his name) is a hyper-masculine man, through sheer coincidence. Maybe it's compensation?

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 20th June 2020 6:00

Magic In The Air of Bellend

Something about the city today seems particularly nice. The sun's rays aren't too harsh, the streets are freshly cleaned, and not many people seem to be in a bad mood today. All's well.   Until a scream "HELP! HEEEEELP!" can be heard echoing from the corner of Orenge Plaza. People calling out, and general commotion can be heard coming from that direction.

The Protagonists