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Act 1: Chapter 1 Report

General Summary

As a wagon traveled down a road past Kesserquall towards the Dwarven Vastness a human paladin running from his past with a new purpose awoke with a grumpy dwarven cleric and a treasure hunter with his buddy.   They agreed to help the duo while they were on their way to Silvergrove as they stopped at a nearby ruin. There they uncovered many secrets and truths about one another as they traveled through the dungeon facing many different skeletons and puzzles.

Rewards Granted

Healers Kit   Minor Healing Potion   Animal Friendship Potion   Caltrops   Torch

Missions/Quests Completed

Not a tavern intro

Character(s) interacted with

Jones D'Awana   Marvin Mueller

The Moldur Region's Party
Report Date
15 Jul 2021
Primary Location
Moldur Region

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