Mythic Politics

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A Strands of Fate 2e game
In the world of Shattered Shadowrealms

This story is told by

Lately the realms have been getting restless. Watching the humans destroy the planet of earth makes some of the “deities” quite uneasy. For most it was their original world too. Like the feeling of watching someone burn down a place you cherished as a youngster. Most have their own unique opinion, like humans and their politics. Some want to enslave humans, some think it is best to eradicate humans, and some are just indifferent about it.   There has been some radical congregations lately, but no radical events until now. The Fates, known in many human cultures, have been murdered. What does this mean? Who would do this? Why would they do this? Have some radical extremists started a plan? Conspiracies are popping up all around the realms.

The Protagonists