Onward Towards Death

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e) game

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Sat 4th January 2020 16:30

Session 11:

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21st Dec 2019

Session 10: Descent Into the Past

While the adventuring party would attempt to leave the lakeside, an unknown force would lead the group across the lake to an isolated island. There within an old forgotten cave system, the party would begin to discover their personal threads were bound together even tighter than first expected.

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7th Dec 2019

Session 9: The Shores of Windfolk Lake

After recovering from a long rest, the adventuring party decided to take up a druid on his ingredient collecting request. Traveling to Windfolk Lake, the party would find a lot more than they expected to.

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30th Nov 2019

Session 8: Old Ivy and Allied Secrets

Returning to the farmstead with permission, the party finds themselves relaxing and recovering in an unused farmhouse. Word has gotten out of their deeds and the group would soon have company with another request. As the party rests though, questions begin to arise on unique coincidences that the members seem to share.

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23rd Nov 2019

Session 7: The Hunger of the Crown

Fresh from their victory against a tainted ankheg, the adventuring party met Alex, a local ranger to the region of Asheria. While this new ally is a welcomed source of knowledge, old enemies have now become aware of the party's presence and watch with piqued interests and voracious eyes.

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16th Nov 2019

Session 6: Mud, Blood, and Acid

Finally making their way to Starbrook, the adventuring group decided to take up a quest to find local missing farmhands. Unbeknownst to them, a predator lies in wait for the opportunity to strike.

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9th Nov 2019

Session 5: Greased Palms and Starbrook Bound

After a meeting with Soreine investigators and rewarded for their service, the adventurers are directed to leave Pernrith. With supplies in hand, the group leaves for Starbrook and soon finds a group of highwaymen awaiting for easy prey.

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2nd Nov 2019

Session 4: Crescent Moons and Forgotten Boons

With Anika's journal in hand, the adventuring group is split between taking freelance jobs for coin or following the leads in the diary about a mysterious obelisk.

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26th Oct 2019

Session 3: Restful Respite

After a bloody and dangerous battle, the adventuring party dragged their way back to their current residence to lick their wounds. A lot of questions would be raised but not enough information to answer. Despite no real connection to the young girl and her squire, it would become apparent down the line that other forces see the adventurers as pawns and must be dealt with accordingly. For now though, a well deserved long rest is in order.

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19th Oct 2019

Session 2: Brimstone and Starlight

While the adventurers track the whereabouts of the young girl with her squire, gleaming eyes watch from the rooftops. Shadowed forces now perceive the group's affiliation with the girl. Unknown to the party however, one of their members has a much closer tie to these forces than they are willing to share . . .

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12th Oct 2019

Session 1: The Autumn Festival of Life

The Autumn Festival is Pernrith is in full spin. While many of the locals and travelers enjoy the festivities, other forces act behind the scene and stalk their query.

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