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A The Strange game
In the world of Strange Happenings in Strange Places

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All of you have for one reason or another made your way to The Estate. Most of you probably had no idea what you were getting into. Some of you might have been approached about receiving the Morrison Fellowship Prize for your outstanding achievements. Others of you may have stumbled into strange events that left you with knowledge that the Estate wished to protect. Others yet may be what the Estate calls quickend, those who can translate without the need for assistance from external devices. Regardless of how you got here the world you knew a few weeks ago is now a mundane dream with little to no hope of ever returning to. No, now you are all in a world that few could fathom. As you all now know your world is one of many connected on a path of unknown origin known as The Strange. The Strange is its own boundless universe that connects countless other realms or universes to our own. These connections and the space that they take up is known as The Chaosphere. The Chaosphere has no direct relation to matter or space and plays by rules that governed by no known laws. It is a place of unimaginable possibilities and horrors. The worst of which is know as a Planetovores. They thrive in the strange because there are no rules to bind them, because of this they usually have a very hard time entering into areas restricted by what we call natural laws. These laws and The Estate which you are now apart of are all that stands between earth and the strange happenings of The Strange.

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Past Session

1st Sep 2020

Sprial dust drug bust: Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Part 2 of the wild drug bust

24th Aug 2020

Sprial dust drug bust

Designer drugs are on the uptick, appearing on the street too quickly to be assessed and regulated by any official body. One of those is a drug called spiral dust. Though the drug bust mission begins like any other Estate-assigned mission, it could lead characters down an ever-more-dangerous path of investigation.

18th Aug 2020


6th Aug 2020

Session 0: Character Creation

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