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The Far Side of Tairos

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Tairos
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26th Feb 2021

Fire from the Sky

A rock has fallen from the sky and crew must decide who deserves it and who is to be trusted

16th Dec 2020

Liberate the Distillery

The crew of the Paradise Lost work clear away all the threats from an abandoned rum distillery they recently acquired

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9th Oct 2020

The Beast of Crispin Bay

25th Sep 2020

Dark Debts

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2nd Sep 2020

Looking for Work

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19th Aug 2020

Pocketwatch Isle

Linea Gossimer has fled Port Sanctuary and took with her a considerable amount of supplies that weren't her's to take

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23rd Jul 2020

Whereabouts of the Wisp

The heroes are in a race against other crews to find the missing cargo ship, The Wisp, and claim the contract for her rescue.

8th Jul 2020

First Day on the Job

The crew receives their first paid job from Casia, a quick jaunt to Stepping Stone Island with a few tons of Minga Melons

24th Jun 2020

Making Friends

The crew of the Paradise Lost arrive in Far Harbor for the first, eager to begin their new job

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18th Jun 2020


17th Jun 2020

One thing after another

The Protagonists

Patchina Copernicus

Level 7 Gnome (rock) Chaotic Good Artificer
15 / 43 HP

Coryn Illerion

Level 1 High Elf Lawful Neutral Wizard
/ 6 HP

Test Test

5 / HP

John Dodd

Level 1 Human Bard
/ 9 HP

Fuck Pile

Level 1 Warforged Lawful Neutral Artificer
(Far Traveler)
/ 11 HP

Kazim Musharif

Level 7 Human Neutral Good Sorcerer
(Guild Merchant)
11 / 36 HP


Level 6 Half Elf Neutral Good Druid
/ 37 HP