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A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Modern game In the world of Dawnmire
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The first campaign set in the universe of Dawnmire: seven strangers, brought together by the passing of a shared friend, now tumbling down a rabbit hole of the mysterious circumstances surrounding his life and death.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Lady Aumury Pomeroy
    The driven and diplomatic twin sister of Baron Michel Pomeroy.
  • Adv. Eli Mortillogris
    The Executor of Quentin Pomeroy's will: a middle-aged Anquetese dwarf and accredited lawyer. Professional, straightforward, and by-the-book, but he knows when to outsource a task.
  • Sir Felix Rigal
    An eccentric Auroran gentleman.
  • Lady Joetta Pomeroy
    An aging Daphinite noblewoman, and the surviving younger sister of Quentin Pomeroy.
  • Professor Lusha Soribella
    An arcane researcher and friend of the late Quentin Pomeroy, affiliated with the Essenzi Library.
  • Baron Michel Pomeroy
    The reserved but fair Baron of Chateau Enpleur and Liesson.
  • Lord Moriset Pomeroy
    The hidden patriarch of the Pomeroy family and a devious Ichorist. Status unknown.
  • Quentin Pomeroy
    The deceased adventurer from Liesson, whose heroic antics were as extensive as the questions his death has left behind.

The Protagonists

Nehmor Therakkai