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Till Homeward Bound We Be

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Realm of Lorian
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  • The Realm of Lorian
    The sole great land mass amidst the Sea of Endless Mists the realm of Lorian is home to species and societies both young and old. Currently 150 years into the third great age the realm is still recovering from the destructive end of the Age of Ascension leaving the remanence of once great peoples to reclaim the war scarred landscape of their ancestors once more.   Faced with the threat of wild beasts and rampant magical creatures left to freely roam the landscape Lorian once more finds itself in need of brave souls willing to push back against the brutality and darkness in hopes of securing safety and security for themselves and their loved ones. Adventurers now rise to the call of voice clamoring for aid, protection, and above all else hope.
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