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Siege of Constanta

A World of Darkness 5th Edition (Paradox) game In the world of Nights in Bucharest
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Supporting Cast
  • Andreea Istenie Gogosica
    Really cute girl 20s with cat ears - actual cat ears - makes a ton of money online, generates income for the opération - kind of fucked by the SI but still does it out of spite (gangrel)
  • Andrei Dinculescu
    Ravnos Courier, old biker, potential neonazi/Legionar; treats coterie as children
  • Cisco
    Toreador Hacker - in love with the beauty of code, if you don't use proper indentation he will absolutely destroy you - helps Gogo with changing IPs and avoiding SI detection - skilled in defensive matrixes
  • Costi
    Brujah Anarch - loud, angry and quick to jump people; speaks like cocalar
  • Elena
    Sheriff of Valu lui Traian. Ventrue. Stoic. Very loyal, probably blood bonded.
  • Eusebiu Caragiale Mazare II
    Prince of Constanta. A failed actor embraced in the 1890s, he became Prince by being unpredictable. Eusebiu loves parties, which is why he hosts one every week. Each night he must play a different character or he becomes extremely violent; the characters all know they are the Prince, but there is little to no continuity in their logic, backstories or actions. Loves parties and shows - hosts them regularly, that's how he flexes his power. An invaluable asset in the face of the SI; 9th-10th generation. Has a literal army of ghoul actors infiltrated in most institutions of
  • Florinel Zbucium
    Primul lider de galerie Farul Constanța; has an entourage of ultras Brujahs and ghouls; sells everyone his dream of owning the city; runs a protection opération
  • Georgiana Gia
    Courier Leader - she organizes deliveries and personally guarantees contract completion; Has stayed this long in the game by playing all sides. She heavily advises against the Coterie becoming too friendly with either Sect. Lives in a van.
  • Marcel
    Quiet and respectful - Ventrue Anarch - more of a traditional gangster
  • Traian
    Lasombra. Owns most of the wine industry in the towns, keen follower of the Traditions and protector of the Masquerade, he really enjoys drinking wine through blood; holds himself like a Roman Emperor; one of the only Lasombra princes recognized in the Camarilla. Wears human teeth as decorations.