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Bucharest by Lamplight

A Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages game In the world of Nights in Bucharest
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  • Bucuresti
Supporting Cast
  • Abigail Ainsley
    Prince of Bucharest. Has a strong British accent. Smells of perfume and outrageously expensive liquor. Originally from London.
  • Alin Ion
    Anarch Thinblood. Pretty repentant, pretty spiritual. Seems to want to rebecome human.
  • Amira Nasseri
    Scarred left cheek. Wears a beautifully embraided hijab. Is that gold? Mostly silent, always seems to scout her surroundings with lazy, ashen-green eyes. Does not seem to breathe, or maybe you just haven't caught her doing it.
  • Emre Bulut
    Banu Haqim Anarch Leader - judge of the Brancoveanu Court
  • Georgian Brătianu Junimea
    Bald, intense and with a wide, inviting smile. Has the calming tone of a kind grandfather talking to his unruly nephews. Which most Toreador in Bucharest might actually be. In a way.
  • Glenn Fingal Gangrel
    Handsome, wolf-like Gangrel Scottish vampire; The Sheriff of Bucharest
  • Ioana Piperea Mama la toti ranitii
    Metalhead. Loud, agressive and very, very intense.
  • Ioanid Caspani
    Ventrue, charismatic, genuinely religious
  • Mihaela Bălașa
    To the point. Commanding. Very intense stare.
  • Ochilă
    Androgynous amalgam of eyes and flesh. Long, slimy hair.
  • The Dracon
    Completely devoid from the human form. Resembles an arachnid at best, and eldritch concoction of fleshy tendrils at worst.

Chapter 1: The King is Dead. Where is the King? take 2

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10th May 2020

Chapter 1: The King is Dead. Where is the King?

The Protagonists

Dora Lițu

Brujah | 13th Generation

Iulia Paun

Gangrel | Generation

Hanibal Zarea

Tremere | 15 Generation