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The Beginning of Adventurers

General Summary

You realize that all your life you have been coasting along as if you were in a dream. Suddenly, facing the trials of the last few days, you have come alive.

With the bursting of a fireball, your perspectives are turned awry. The old repression: the old limit of body, mind, and spirit is consumed like an ant in the mouth of a furnace.(edited) Either nearly experiencing death, or even falling into it, an indescribable talent emerges. This talent the Wise have long called Magic.

Crippling wounds are slept off. Terrible circumstances can be borne. All the powers given to a thinking and acting creature can be available to you, although all the myths and legends tell of troubles ahead for those of your caliber. Whether your emerging skills, having their genesis in trial and death, will develop into fine razors, poised to cut into the arteries of society and overturn the very earth, is up to you and your actions.

In the cool darkness of unconsciousness none of you recognize the figure of Eshter, terrified and bandaging and nursing you back to a stable state. And when you wake with a gasp, you realize that this hard road of fighting and adventuring will not be without some ridiculousness -- the dopey llama forms of Flint and Coby making that a surety to remember. Nevertheless, after a few hours of rest, that ball of fire had left only a few scratches, bumps, and minor burns which even a few days of natural sleep could heal. Something has changed. The fragility of body is gone, somewhat. There is a somber moment. Perhaps something momentous has happened in this strange and cruel wizardly tower. Eshter is resting, only five minutes gone. Her hair is messy. There is blood on her fingers. But already her face is hale.

You want to sleep. So you sleep. Will this feeling, perhaps called Power, affect your personality from here on out? Have you learned so quickly? Perhaps dreams will make you forget your troubled thoughts, and everything will remain the same, though everything should be different. You sleep and dream -- the realm of Binah and Tiferet. You dream of fair Elves and Faeries, hand in hand, dancing in a circle: riding "....on the crest of the dishevelled tide/And dancing upon the mountains like a flame." -- a common dream, in Lower Huraedon, land of the Eresdolhn. Sleep and dream: this is the gift of God to creatures.

Adventures in Val'Vahan
Report Date
30 Sep 2018
Primary Location
Lower Huraedon

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