At Coaseth's Heart

A Homebrew / In Development game In the world of Miranse
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15th Feb 2020

A C H: Session 02 -- 'Heralding The Changes'

Baltazar cannot find the answers to others' problems. He has his own life to worry about. He has set off to the nation of Elqyn. Some answers may be there. There are many Houselanders on the Road to War Why?

24th Jan 2020

A C H: Session 01 -- 'Heralding A New Start'

Baltazar has returned to Marchrise. Here he meets with the results of his success in Mymoor. The delivery is completed and on the way to the city-state he gains an ally. The Heralds have large trouble and his success may have cost some a great deal.

15th Jan 2020

A C H: Session 00 -- Organising the Campaign's start/Character provisioning