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Episode 2.08: Chapter 5 - Epilogue

General Summary

The next morning, the crew of the Banana Republic, along with their guests woke to caf, alarming local news feeds of an attack in the night, and Lightning Guard troops banging at the outer hatch!   Rushlight, who was only seconds awake with a hangover, answered the noise. Being typically offensive for a grumpy Cathar, he answered Lieutenant @Renault dePardis's questions with non-answers. He did take the lieutenant's datapad back inside for the others to view the video.   The video contained damaged footage of the crew during their assault on the old cannery in the Midlands District. They made a recording of the video and returned the datapad to the officer. Then proceeded to try and cover up their involvement with yet more stories of people using 'fake' clone trooper armor and other people who might use bows.   Disgruntled, Lt. dePardis left with his small investigation group to question other spacers in the Port. Meanwhile, once ensuring the com control he had still could reach the crew, Inspector Grimes headed out after receiving a message about the troubles AND on the assault in the Midlands.   As for the crew, they headed out to check Zallara's place. Hearing there was an attack of the leopard mutant creatures and it was near Zallara's shop, they felt they needed to look into it. That and they hadn't located her son yet.   In the Midlands, it was a battlefield. Mutant leopard creatures, or mutated locals as the crew understood it, littered the ground along with troopers and building debris. Rushlight and Greelo track down that the creatures erupted out of one single building. Someone had infected the entire building!   Even more suspicious, the Calais paramedics and First Responders seemed a bit too well prepared to cope with the infectious corpses of the mutants.   Giving a bit more warning to the paramedics, the team moved on to Zallara's place. It was a wreck. Smoke drifted out two holes in the main window and the front door was partially open.   After a few false starts ( and tripping over a non-lethal anti-intruder system ), they make it inside. The shop had been ransacked. Checking the rooms revealed:  

  • Zallara's cards hidden in the herbal counter
  • None of the locals were willing to talk and tried to avoid even being seen rubbernecking at the damage.
  • The back room was dusty. As if it hadn't been used in some time.
  • A single box, HEAVILY secured. Inside was a an amulet, an Imperial Royal amulet! Double headed griffin, gold, platinum and studded with stones like rubies and even a few khyber crystals.
  • A strange room with what looks to be a droid oil bath but it wasn't oil ... but some strange green fluid.
  The amulet they hide on Monk. They take the cards. Before they can investigate more, the crew is attacked by a local swoop gang! The fight is furious but brief with the only casualty being Chakar who got shot by some of the swoop gang's custom destroyer droids.   Outside, Kol Peck looked on, but before the crew could get close, he vanished into the Midlands alleys.   With sirens approaching, and the group having stumbled over yet another nonlethal deterrent ( moss-scarab droid swarm that 'cleaned' the patrons and disarmed/dissasembled the attackers ), they grabbed up Chakar and left for the shuttle at port.   On the way they get a call from Inspector Grimes: The droid attack took place at/near the palace and the Countess De Beaufort - the crew's employer - is missing!   Alarmed by the current turn of events, the crew agrees to meet with Grimes back at the shuttle ... both to compare notes and to repair Chakar!

Character(s) interacted with

  • Inspector Landis Grimes
  • The Gear Grinders swoop gang
  • Kol Peck ... though they only saw him at a distance.
  • Lieutenant Renault dePardis of the @Lightning Guard the same officer that was harassing refugees on Mechis II when the crew first arrived on world.

Shards of Infamy





Report Date
23 Dec 2018
Primary Location
Mechis II

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