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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Old Erlia

July 14th 2018

This story is told by

No magic classes, only classes (excluding Scholar), or Barbarian, Fighter, and Rogue from the PHB.

Sessions List

Past Session

24th Nov 2018

Session 17: Crying Wolf


17th Nov 2018

Session 16: Bandrami and the Yetis


10th Nov 2018

Session 15: Crossing the Wild

3rd Nov 2018

Session 14: Turn for the Worse

The party goes full murder hobo!

20th Oct 2018

Session 13: Plea to the Council


13th Oct 2018

Session 12: The Loss of Jimmy Frost

The parties work was all for nothing, thanks to a new nemesis...

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29th Sep 2018

Session 11: Little Creek Falls

The raid on Jimmy Frost begins...

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22nd Sep 2018

Session 10: Dynir's Cross

Less than a day from Lentkija, the party once again prepares to enter civilization...

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15th Sep 2018

Session 9: The Hills Have Eyes

Reaching the highway, the party travels southwest...

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8th Sep 2018

Session 8: Sex and Violence

Will the party sabotage the merchant captain Paul Dall, or will they choose another course?

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1st Sep 2018

Session 7: Favor for a Favor

Having lost Traxez, the party continues on...

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25th Aug 2018

Session 6: The Peak

How will the party fair in the mountains?

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11th Aug 2018

Session 5: Revenge

Having reached the other side to freedom, where will the party go?

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4th Aug 2018

Session 3: Deadly Tunnels

Needing to cross the river south, the party decides to kill two birds with one stone...

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4th Aug 2018

Session 4: Escape from Kodraen's Tunnel

Tortured and forced into goblin slavery, is there any hope for Traxez and Gaetano?

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21st Jul 2018

Session 2: Free as the River

Having escaped their captors, the party camps in the shadow of the mountains along the northern river. What will they do next?

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14th Jul 2018

Session 1: Prisoner Exchange

Incarcerated in the dungeons of Castle Sprague, the fate of the party is uncertain...

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Maps & Timelines



  • Map of Valicia

    The northern continent of Valicia, separated from the southern continent by the vast and terrible Bittersea.