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Session 02: Epilogue

General Summary

An eventful evening's work has amounted to Sybermane learning the following:     1. Two discoveries -- that not all the Ghosts of Atrix are friendly to one another and that pyrotechnicians using technology have nothing on their caster cousins, if the detonation of the Shadowmine he'd triggered was anything to go by.     2. That there is at least some honour among the Ghosts of Atrix. This is seen in the manner and conduct of Archment and the unknown commander of the Spectres.     3. Larius, the copper that patrols near Sybermane's office is a good fellow to have close at hand. Several instances were made easier by Larius' presence and timely interventions.     4. Mungfrd can swim. His timely arrival allows Sybermane to make good on the ruse of his disposing of the body of Rotik. Rotik will be thought dead, thanks to Mungfrd, who is dressed in Rotik's aka Archment's, Ghost of Atrix uniform. Sybermane then carries him to the bridge over the Fer de Lance river and throws him in.     5. The Manager can pose some curly questions. Talk of the oddness of Axildusk's status as a Mainstay World, when it seems more like at least several solar systems is no less confounding than the ever-growing realisation that Sybermane's memories are faulty. More work on recovering some missing portions may be wise. What had the Guardians of Mitak done to him?     6. His funds were under assault from all sides. He needed a paying job. Soon.

Rewards Granted

1000 Echoes appear on his window sill. Cash. A note reads,       '1000 eclipses for bringing darkness to a pissant. M.'

Character(s) interacted with

Rotik -- Ghost of Atrix. Now unceremoniously dropped from the unit after being 'sacrificed' for some as yet unknown reason. As he came very near to death in the shadowmine detonation, Sybermane has reason to trust this man is trustworthy. Rotik seems clever enough and any doubts about his true nature are minor. As well, the other Ghosts that Sybermane meets on this eventful evening, also show that they are all similarly bright and well-versed in the motivations of people. Certainly, Sybermane has learned that these 'ghosts' are more than mere phantoms. Once it has been made clear that Rotik, being presumed dead, cannot return to his life in the Ghosts, he quickly determines to stay on at Sybermane's offices. He will take the new name of Archment. Sybermane makes a point of using this new name as often as he can to prevent future slip-ups.     Additionally, in regards to the Ghosts of Atrix, he learns that they are comprised of at least two groups. The smaller of these is named the 'Spectres' or perhaps 'Spectors'? Sybermane hasn't learned the correct spelling but either might apply given the naming conventions this group seems to use. This sub-unit deals with investigating incidents involving the Ghosts. Their powers are apparently quite broad. He meets an unnamed commander of the Spectre/'Spectors, whose sub-altern is named Aighte. This man will act as go-between, should Sybermane have information to share. The commander strikes up an tentative understanding with the quinnial.   As well as further strengthening his bonds with the copper on the beat, Larius, Sybermane meets a young teenager named, Guller. This almost-child has no end of brash confidence. Sybermane elects to try him on a small task. Should it amount to something decently managed, Guller may become a useful agent in time.     Trance fears that her damaged hands may never be nimble enough to again work the bar at the Ambrosia Arms. Its guests are used to the highest order of service. The 'Manager' makes certain that this standard is rigorously maintained. Sybermane speaks to the Manager of several topics -- Trance's employment isn't one of them.   Instead, he offers her a chance to work in his office, as a kind of assistant. She has always been quick thinking. Sybermane wants to see if his thoughts on her prove correct. Even if they do not, she's attractive enough to provide some decent viewing and perhaps bring in new clients, who might be a little unsure due to his own 'imposing' presence.

Starting at Shadows
Report Date
05 Aug 2018
Primary Location

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