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Episode Twenty-seven - Hellfire Society Report

General Summary

On Jan. 14, 1934 the team along with Frank Jones an American soldier, loaded into a rocket where they met their pilot Alexander Crane. Once strapped in, the group of heroes were blasted off into space and along the way they saw large fire covered rocks hurtling through space and reported the information back to Emerald Base whom told them Earth was under siege from great meteors being slug around the foreign planet. Along the way they saw Zarkov's rocket pass them by and figured out that the foreign planet had appeared from The Bleed. Crash landing on the planet they would learn was named Mongo, the team fought a mighty Gocko and its young.

Rewards Granted

One Advance

Character(s) interacted with


Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
14 Jan 2020
Primary Location

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