The Whisper in the Trenches

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The War of Our Fathers
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  • Trench 486
    A small trench line built close to a French village. The Village of Brugselt has stood since long before the war and was a small residential area that was near a major road route. Now many of its buildings lay destroyed and the hill to the east is now covered in trench lines and military fortifications. Trench Line 486 was constructed as a guard of this town and to keep tabs on the currently neutral Switzerland. Trench Line 486 is built in a standard formation with a forward assault trench and a secondary support trench that is connected to the town by a system of small directional trenches.
  • World Map
    This is the map of the immediate world around the war.
  • Bastion City
    A large market city located on the coast of Northern France that receives a combination of shipments from land and sea of just about everything including troops in recent years.
Supporting Cast
  • Corporal Amity Jensen
    Positive, upbeat, and kind 17 year old who joined His Majesty's Royal Land Forces illegally but has been allowed to continue service due to accomplishments. While she has no vow of pacifism she has never hurt anyone and will do everything in her power to keep it that way.
  • Military Police Investigator Major General John Miller
    Once a Military Police Investigator fresh out of West Point John Miller is now the Major General in charge of all Military Police in Europe and is located at the MP head command in Paris, France.

The Protagonists

The Moving Barricade Vladimir Behrshov

Level 3 Goliath chaotic good Barbarian
/ 32 HP

kenita katama


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