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The Empire of Dragons

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Kesia
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Imperator Marcus Asinius Silanus is dead. His manor destroyed, his Dragon Guards dead, and his heirs all missing along with him on the 6th of the Month of Snow at the beginning of the 988th year of the Age of Strife.In recent months, his brother, Gallus Maximus Silanus, took the throne to much controversy. With only blood strengthing his tie to the throne and an Assembly restablishing slavery, Lalas is divided as they are not sure what route to take. With a new threat on the horizon taking the flag of an old enemy, it is up to a noble few to stand with the Dragon Knights and protect Lalas from threats both home and abroad. With their aid, maybe the Empire of Dragons can survive.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Daniel Yakovich
    A cleric of the Draconic Pantheon who has been hired by a wolf-neko to be her personal cleric. He's a rather shut in man but he's eager to see the world and help people. He appears to be normal but is tight-lipped about his back story.
  • Domine Gaius Igni
    A noble dragon knight who serves Lalas faithfully. He's of the Igni house and serves to honor his family through his role. Recently, he's been investigating a core threat to Lalas that has been causing chaos across the realm.

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 27th July 2019 19:00

Session 4: Clearing the Sewers

The party prepares to delve into the sewers again and deal with the Black Dragons

Sessions Archive

13th Jul 2019

Session III: The Report

The party return to the Dragon Knights and explain what's going on to them.

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29th Jun 2019

Session II: The Sewers of Hersa

The players head through the sewers of Hersa to investigate the Half-Dragon disappearances in the city and the rumors of Black Dragon Cultists in the city.

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15th Jun 2019

Session 1: Welcome to Hersa

The three groups have made their way to Hersa, capital of Lalas. There, they find out their roles in the coming days and learn more about this mysterious threat that has surfaced in the Draconic Empire.

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