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Character Sheet for 3rd Edition DC Heroes created by Kummer Wolfe
ID Name Tags
Gravitar character wyldfire hero
Jack-In-Irons AIM villain construct
Dr. Hogun Grimm AIM villain major villain
AIM Specialist AIM villain
Clockwork Pumpkinhead villain construct AIM
Clockwork Titan Moss villain construct AIM
LexCorp Technician / Field Scientist team luthor villain
Team Luthor Agent team luthor villain
Clockwork Moss plant creature AIM project
AIM Cyber-Commando aim cybercommando
ShadowStar Wyldfire
Silverwing Wyldfire
Knight Thrasher Watchmen New York
Trickshot, aka Statesman (v2) Knights Vigilant
Chameleon (v2) SAFEGUARD
Steven Reynolds (v2) Tales of Justice wyldfire
Amythyst v2 Amythyst
Mordenkainan The Wizard Super Mage
Adel Urda-Na kryptonian wyldfire
Dan Keniston Hero Public Identity
The Shadow hero vigilante
Litmus Trenchcoat Brigade
Dr. Glass super hero Knights Vigilant
Vinite Adoremouse mouse force
Jacy Faraldo magicuser dc witch exorcist spiritual
Claudia Creed DC Detective Comics
Crypt Carnival Attendant tales of justice crypt carnival villain
Crypt Carnival Juggler tales of justice crypt carnival villain
Crypt Carnival Acrobat tales of justice crypt carnival villain
Crypt Carnival Aerialist tales of justice crypt carnival villain
Silverwing superspeedster hero metropolis
Generic Hammer Empire Warwolf (Panther Form) Hammer Empire Generic NPC Warwolf
Psypher_ pc trenchcoat brigade SAFEGUARD
Generic Hammer Empire Trooper Hammer Empire Generic NPC
Blackjack PC Wyldfire