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The New Sermons of Vashi

By farnethr

8828 0 0 7307

The New Sermons of Tel Vashi stand as an intricate collection of enigmatic teachings, forming the spiritual foundation of the Ashkin group within the land of Cairngorm. Inspired by a fusion of ancient wisdom and a distinct religious movement, the New Sermons...

Piuhonist Scriptures

By Bill3000

3442 0 0 8042

These are the holy scriptures of Piuhonism, one of the major religions of the planet Kautos.

The Creation Story of Dinner and Death

By DionMac7

7369 0 0 2422

This is the story of creation that incorporates many different belief systems. It is important to pay attention to all of the extended history in Full Content. Every nuance is explained and a lot of thought went into the original story. Some ideas were borrowed...