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God Noise

Rejisea Ongoing 176 0 0 21484

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The immortal snake feels both vibrations and sounds, the subtle changes as war nears in his isolated world. He deceptively exists as nothing more than a pet for one who yearns for cacophony before the epilogue of silence. Several important vibrations shake his world's fragile balance before the onset of discordance. One in particular, with strange hybrid sounds, catches his attention in the form of a raven. The snake strikes to kill the noise, to dance in merciful silence, one tremble at a time.


Welcome to the fourth attempt at this story! Hopefully, this one is worthy of the awesome cover I made for it! There will be all sorts of unpleasant things in this, as in typos, grammatical errors, and so forth, and I apologize for that. I am a mere wannabe novelist...
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