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Tales of Zurkonia

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All worlds have a center point that lies upon their outermost layer. This surface center is where the souls of the world gather. Souls and energy. Cities, wars, discoveries, love, death, and creation stem from this center.
  Zurkonia long has stood Either as a small village, growing from war-torn lands, or as a towering metropolis. As of now, it is a stone labyrinth. The buildings have long forgotten they scraped at the skies. Creatures mill the valleys between the buildings like water. Some are living, and some slowly dying.
  A gleaming cylinder dominates the skyline. From there it's residences drop authority upon those outside. Soon the gods will come to the city. The residence of the tower know this and look to bolster their forces before it happens. The many orphans of the dark city streets are ripe for the training of a soldier. But force recruiting orphans has always had its issues...
  Within this river the many tales of Zurkonia flow forth.