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Chapter Fifteen

1839 2 0

There was a fair in town, and Harry had insisted that all the other staff in the house take the opportunity for a group evening off. Felix and Betsy were naturally excited about it, and that was even before Mr Brydon had, upon gentle pressure from Harry in his ear, said that he would go about teaching them the tricks of some of the carnival games.

“His father used to run them,” Alexos had told him when there’d been word of the fair in town. “Ring tosses and coconut shies and skittles and all that sort of thing – he was a bookie, ran a betting shop, but he’d do that sort of thing for the village fete, you know.”                                                                                                          

He hadn’t known exactly what to make of Harry’s expression when he’d taken this in, but he had seemed to be at least somewhat intrigued, and not at all displeased; it was natural, and only to be expected, based on what Alexos had learned of Harry’s personality so far, that he should immediately put the new information to use, and leverage it in some manner.

Brydon would not have gone otherwise, would have lingered in the house – now, it was just the three of them, because Alexos’ father had gone into town to the pub, was going to eat there.

They were all in Alexos’ room, and Alexos felt fluttery and hot under his clothes, watching Larry bend over and examine the books he had on the shelves in his bedroom, as well as examining the various little pieces he had on display – small busts of different Greek philosophers, statuettes of the Kritios Boy, of Apollo, of Dionysus.

They were each fully dressed, and yet somehow, Alexos felt as though every stitch of clothing had been stripped from him already as Harry crossed the room, having locked the door.

“… heard they’re so much bigger in person,” Larry was saying, his hands on his hips as he leaned in and looked very closely indeed at the rows of statuettes – Alexos’ mother sometimes brought them back with her from here or there, although she hadn’t brought one for years, not since he’d been at university. She’d thought, with that, that he’d go on to travel further, and he’d always got the impression that was part of the reason she bothered buying him gifts at all. “Do you think when they were making them that transporting them was ha— Oh, hullo, Harry.”

Larry was turning in surprise as Harry’s hand slipped under his jacket to touch his waist, pressing against the wool there; his lips were parting, and Alexos thought there’d be more, that there’d be a conversation, that there’d be something, but Larry just turned and leaned in and then they were kissing.

Alexos’ mouth felt dry observing, seeing Larry slowly turn in Harry’s arms, seeing his mouth open to let Harry dexterously tongue into his mouth, tongue against tongue, lips against lips. It was all soft, wet sounds, and then Larry’s breathless moan as Harry did something - sucked on his lower lip – and started to ease the jacket off his shoulders.

Alexos felt frozen in time, perhaps even in amber, as he watched the two of them work each other over – Larry’s jacket was eased off his shoulders and hung clumsily over the back of Alexos’ desk chair; his shirt was unbuttoned and dropped over the same, his braces unbuttoned, his trouser fronts unfastened. The whole time they were kissing, Larry’s hands coming up to touch Harry’s breast, the sides of his neck, his cheeks, as they moved around the room, over to the bed.

There was a very distant twinge of jealousy, or if not jealousy, simply hyper awareness, of the fact that he couldn’t do the same, not with both hands.

Alexos let out a breathless noise as Harry shoved Larry back onto the bed, tilting back to see him sprawl next to Alexos with his shoulders to the mattress as Harry unlaced his shoes and eased them off.

Larry looked up at Alexos, and Alexos stared down at him, at the flush on his features, the sweat glistening on the side of his neck, and Alexos had thought vaguely that he would just watch, that he’d just observe, but now Larry was laid out on the bed beside him, stripped down to his vest and then to his drawers as Harry pulled off his trousers. He was hairier than Alexos was, curling hairs showing on his shoulders and his arms, and he was thin, but not as thin as Alexos either.

Alexos turned to kiss him, shifting on the bed to put pressure on his better knee, and he rested his elbow on the bed beside the other man to ensure he had enough support – the noise Larry let out was muffled against his mouth, so much so that Alexos could taste it, could taste the mints that Larry was so fond of.

He didn’t kiss like Harry did.

There was far more tongue from Larry than Harry, Larry’s mouth was smaller, and most of all, Larry seemed to cede ground to Alexos in a way that Harry didn’t. It occurred to Alexos that he was the one controlling things, that he was the one in charge here, and just because he could, he bit down.

Larry yelped into his mouth, and one of his knees nudged Alexos’ hip as he spread his legs apart – Alexos hadn’t bitten hard enough to draw blood, but he’d put pressure on Larry’s lower lip, and he could hear Harry laughing quietly behind him.

“What’s so funny?” Alexos asked, pulling back. Larry’s pupils had dilated quite widely, though probably not quite as much as when he’d been high on cocaine, his lips were parted and wet, and he was reaching up to put his hands on Alexos’ body, his chest, touching his waist.

“Alexos,” said Larry breathlessly. “Won’t you do that again?”

“What’s so funny?” Alexos repeated, turning to look back at Harry, and when Larry surged to meet him, he acted almost reflexively, pushing Larry down by his shoulder to the bed.

Larry’s breath hitched audibly in his throat, and Alexos’ stomach flipped, his whole body feeling warm under the skin; Harry was smirking at him as he rubbed his hands back and forth over Larry’s thighs, Larry’s cock standing to attention just under Harry’s mouth.

“We find in the young master, Mr Kidd,” he rumbled, “a burgeoning sadist.”

“I wish he’d burgeon some more in my direction,” said Larry, and Alexos caught Larry’s mouth under his own, shoving him down onto the bed and pinning him in place. Larry’s body shuddered, and then he tried to lurch off the bed but found himself pinned in place by Alexos’ hand on his shoulder – his hips raised, though, and when Alexos glanced down, he saw that the reason for this was the fact that Harry had buried Larry’s cock down his throat. “Fuck,” Larry whimpered. “You’re rather strong for a cripple.”

“Call me a cripple again, Larry, and see what happens,” Alexos retorted, and Larry stared up at him with his eyes big as dinnerplates, his lips parted.

“Sorry,” he said breathlessly. “Won’t do it again, old chap, cross my heart.”

Alexos bit down on the side of his neck, as low down as he could to ensure the mark was under the line of his collar once Larry was dressed again, and Larry let out a sharp howl, his legs falling apart, his body arching as best it could off the mattress when the two of them were pinning him down.

Alexos trailed his mouth over the front of Larry’s chest, feeling the hair on his chest – Harry shaved a good deal of his body, and the parts he didn’t shave he kept the hair trimmed down significantly. There was a neatly-groomed patch over his cock and a little dusted on his back, growing a little thicker on his arms and legs. For such a big man, though, he didn’t grow that much hair in the first place, particularly on his chest and back; Larry, in contrast, had light, thin patches of hair smattered almost all over him.

The little hairs tickled under Alexos’ lips as he mouthed down underneath Larry’s neck, at the hollow of his throat, then further down – when Alexos swiped his tongue over Larry’s nipple, pinching the other between thumb and forefinger, Larry shuddered, letting out a sharp noise.

His hips were twitching and shifting, and Alexos glanced down as he sucked Larry’s nipple into his mouth, matching gazes with Harry, who had his mouth similarly full. Perhaps he oughtn’t have been surprised, with the size Harry was, but even a big man couldn’t have such a capacious throat as to suck a cock with this much ease, could he?

Harry had played with Alexos’ cock with his hands and even his lips and tongue, but most of his attention had been concentrated on the head of it as they talked and teased with one another. He was remarkably skilled, circling his tongue around Alexos’ cockhead, swiping the tip of it into the hole, even as he worked over the shaft of his cock and Alexos’ bollocks with his hands, but this?

Alexos flicked Larry’s nipple back and forth under his tongue as he watched Harry relax his throat and sink his head down like it was a fucking magic trick, taking Larry’s cock to the root, his lips parted around its base.

Harry winked at him, and Alexos pulled back before he could laugh right into Larry’s chest.

“Can I—”

Alexos blew cold air over Larry’s nipple, watching the pink, wet skin stiffen, and Larry cut himself off with a strangled moan.

“Do you want his mouth or his arse?” asked Harry casually – he’d pulled back, and was now idly stroking his cock with one hand, the other stroking up and down Larry’s thigh. The tip of Larry’s cock was shining with spit and his own wetness, and Alexos’ own cock gave a jerk in his trousers as he realised that the same slickness was shining on Harry’s lips.

Larry’s cheeks were red, his body trembling, and Alexos couldn’t help the smirk that pulled at his lips as he took in the look on Larry’s face, eager and yet entirely submissive, his eyes flitting between Alexos and Harry.

He got off on this, Alexos supposed, the two of them discussing him as though he were a piece of meat, a toy shared between them, as if he had no input whatsoever into the decisions that came next.

“Which would you rather?”

“His arse,” said Harry. “And his mouth will be easier for you to access, lying back.”

“No need to obfuscate the issue,” Alexos retorted, feeling heady, warm, his skin hot, sweat shining on his own skin. His cock was hard in his trousers, and he had to concentrate to resist the urge to thrust and grind himself against Larry’s side, although he put his palm down to subtly adjust himself. “If you want his arse, you can say that, without pretending it’s for my comfort.”

“I’ll take his mouth if you’re going to be a brat about it.”

“Why don’t we both take his arse?”

Larry whimpered underneath them, and Alexos sharply turned his head away so that Larry couldn’t see Alexos’ composure break, couldn’t see him laugh. Giddiness didn’t exactly fit into the cool persona he was attempting to embrace, and giddy was precisely what he was feeling.

Leaning up on his elbow so that Larry couldn’t see Harry’s face, Alexos looked down at Harry – Harry, whose plummy cheeks had turned a darker shade of red, who had a little more sweat gleaming on his own chest and the sides of his neck, whose lips were parted. There was a line of saliva connecting his lips to the head of Larry’s cock, the sight so abruptly arousing that it made Alexos feel dizzy.

Harry delicately wiped his lower lip with his thumb, smearing the spit away, and asked, “You want to fuck his arse the both of us at once?”

I don’t think I can,” Alexos mouthed at him even though Harry’s wry question made his body jerk, his cock giving an eager bob, and Harry almost laughed – Alexos kicked him in the shoulder, although half bent over Larry’s body, he wasn’t posed at the best angle to do it very hard.

“But then,” Harry said at the same volume so that Larry could hear, “I don’t think he’s earned that.”

“N… No,” Alexos agreed after a moment, schooling his expression into something sterner as he looked back at Larry, who was looking up at Alexos rather as though Alexos was God himself. “I don’t think he has, has he?”

“Any way that I could?” asked Larry, and Alexos allowed himself a chuckle as he caught him in a kiss one more time, then pulled himself up.

Harry came up to help Alexos out of his clothes as Larry hurriedly slicked his fingers with a bit of wax and slid them into himself, and even as Harry peeled his shirt and jacket off, setting them neatly aside, and then undid Alexos’ trousers, Alexos could scarcely take his eyes away from him.

Larry was not the most handsome man Alexos had ever laid eyes on, was not ever the sort of man Alexos dreamed of, when he was alone, when he was thinking, and yet here they were now, and Alexos was utterly compelled by him, by the planes of his body, his gangling limbs, his overlarge ears and overlarge eyes, the way he beamed so widely. There was something about the sheer earnestness of him, the way he radiated eagerness, the way he was so fully, utterly engrossed in this, and so desperate to please – to please Harry, yes, and to please Alexos, too.

Harry slid his hands over Alexos’ body, kissing his neck and encouraging Alexos to lean back into the heavy weight of Harry’s chest: they were both watching Larry, watching him slide his fingers into his arse, fucking himself on them, rocking his hips down into his own hand.

“What position will be best for you?” Harry asked in an undertone in Alexos’ ear.

“Probably if I sit back against the pillows with him on all fours, if I’m taking his mouth and you’re having his arse,” Alexos murmured.

“You’re sure you don’t want his arse?” Harry’s voice was warm, full of affection, one of his hands settled loosely on Alexos’ hips, and at the same time, Alexos felt annoyed at him and more importantly, utterly overwhelmed by him.

“His mouth will do for now,” Alexos decided, and turned his head to catch Harry in a kiss. It was a little more yielding than usual, Harry letting Alexos control more of it, and Alexos couldn’t hold back his laugh as he leaned into him, then dropped onto the bed and crawled forward on his good knee.

Alexos stared down at Larry a few minutes later, one of his legs drawn up and his bad one extended – Harry had carefully guided Larry on where to put his elbow so as not to put weight on Alexos’ bad knee, how and where to brace himself without doing Alexos any damage.

It wasn’t really the sort of thing one imagined when considering romance, one’s partner guiding a third party on how best to suck one’s cock without undue injury, and yet something about it struck Alexos as so romantic he could weep over it.

He stared at Harry as he braced himself behind Larry, Larry on his hands and knees between them, his head down in line with Alexos’ cock, his arse in the air and tucked underneath the weight of Harry’s belly, the front of Harry’s thighs against his backside.

Harry groaned aloud as he lined up his cock, and Alexos almost cursed the position, wondered at the idea of seeing Harry on his back with Larry lowering himself onto him – like that, he’d be able to get a good view of it, wouldn’t he? Of Harry’s big cock sliding into Larry’s arse, of the way it forced the muscle to give away, to stretch?

As it stood, what he did have a good view of was Larry’s face, the stunned expression of his jaw agape, his eyes wide and then squeezing shut as Harry sank inch by inch inside him.

“Oh, God,” Larry choked out.

“How are those piercings treating you?” asked Alexos, and Larry let out a wordless, desperate noise against Alexos’ good thigh. Alexos acted on the spur of the moment, putting his hand out and touching it through Larry’s hair – his heart beat faster in his chest, warmth flooding through him, at the way Larry’s eyes fluttered closed, how soft his expression was as he tipped his head into Alexos’ palm.

“Good,” Larry grunted, and then whined when Harry gave a powerful thrust forward, his body making a slapping sound against Larry’s. “Christ, how do you— ah, how do you take this, Alexos? I feel full to the brim!”

“Make yourself a bit more full, would you, Larry?” asked Alexos in the politest tones he could manage, just to see the way that tone of voice made Larry’s lips quiver. “Put yourself to work.”

With his hand in Larry’s hair, he guided his head down to Alexos’ cock, and couldn’t hold himself back from moaning aloud as Larry sucked the head into his mouth. He was clumsy about it, dropping his head forward to try to take Alexos down his throat the same way that Harry could – Larry was more skilled than Alexos might be at it, but he was not blessed with Harry’s prodigious ability.

The sensation of him choking, the way his body jumped, his eyes watering, made Alexos feel like a fucking hero victorious, a thrill running right through him, and he gripped Larry’s hair a little tighter, keeping hold of his hair as Harry started to thrust into him.

There was something unreal about it, something dream-like and larger-than-life, about Larry being pinned between them like an animal on a spit, Harry rocking his hips into him from behind and Alexos with his cock buried in his mouth. Larry bobbed his head down, taking as much of Alexos’ cock as he could into his mouth without catching the back of his throat, and it was sublime, the heat and wetness going to Alexos’ head.

“You are something, aren’t you?” he heard himself say, aware of the strain in his voice as he touched the side of Larry’s cheek, his thumb trailing over the line of his cheekbone. “I had no idea you were so desperate for it.”

Larry suddenly dropped his head down entirely, taking Alexos to the hilt even though it did make him choke, and Alexos moaned, tipping his hips up and into the wet heat, into the slide of his tongue against the base of his prick, the tightness around the head of his prick.

Alexos was swearing, couldn’t stop himself, as he fucked up and into Larry’s mouth, in time with Harry’s thrusts into him.

“That’s it, that’s a lad,” Harry murmured, gripping loosely at Larry’s hips to keep him steady, and then began to fuck into him so hard that the bed was rocking beneath them, Larry shoved forward each time by the weight of each thrust. He tried to pull back, but Alexos gripped his curls as tightly as he could, keeping his head down.

Larry choked, choked again, but didn’t actually pull back even though there were tears on his cheeks, just moaned at the same time, and he forced himself to relax into him, swallowing around Alexos’ cock.

“Ought I let up?” he asked, the question more at Harry than at the man pinned between them.

“He’s leaking like a faucet,” said Harry. “Mr Kidd doesn’t care to be whipped or beaten, sir, but this sort of treatment makes the easiest slut of him there is.” Larry moaned even louder around his cock, his body shuddering, and Harry groaned. “See, there?” he asked, dropping his weight over Larry’s body and bounding into him. “He’s coming.”

“Fuck,” whispered Alexos, and closed his own eyes, dropping back into the pillows and concentrating on the sensation of Larry’s mouth. Just the thought of him coming like this had Alexos’ bollocks drawing up, and within a minute or two he was coming and Larry was just swallowing it down.

It was actually overstimulating after a few more moments, Larry still sucking and tonguing at him, and Alexos shoved Larry’s head off him, staring at him blearily as Harry dragged him back onto his prick and shoved his head down into the mattress between Alexos’ legs.

Alexos stared, spellbound, at the way Harry pinned him down, at the way he fucked into Larry brutally, roughly, and Alexos was reminded dry-mouthed of certain schoolboy fantasies of Patroclus and Achilles, of one pinning the other into the dirt and riding him as though he meant to tear him to shreds.

Harry’s whole body was gleaming, each tattoo looking vital and alive, as though each of those animals was about to leap directly off of his skin, his muscles working in his neck, across his chest, in his arms and shoulders; his lips were curled in a snarl as he breathed heavily, fucking Larry into the bed beneath him and grunting as he sped up, became almost feral with it, and then finally thrust to the hilt and moaned, his head dropping against Larry’s back.

His forehead resting between his shoulders, he thrust more lightly now, and Larry whimpered breathlessly underneath him, his hands fluttering, his body utterly relaxed even with Harry crushing him.

Alexos envied him – he envied Harry, too. He wished he could be both of them at once, and still have the view he was enjoying now.

“Good lad,” said Harry, and patted the side of Larry’s shoulder, pushing himself up and off the bed – as he stood to his feet, Larry melted like butter into the sheet, and Alexos couldn’t help but laugh at the way he flattened out, boneless, between Alexos’ legs.

Did he look like that, once Harry was done fucking him?

“I’ll run a bath, I think,” said Harry, and leaned over the exhausted body of Lawrence Kidd as though he barely even mattered, as though he wasn’t even there, cupping Alexos’ cheek and giving him a small smile. “Do you need anything?”

“I have rather more than I need already,” Alexos murmured, pecking him on the lips, and as Harry drew away, Alexos put his hand in Larry’s hair and pulled his head up off the mattress.

Larry looked up at him, slack-jawed and dazed and grinning as though he’d just had the fuck of his lifetime.

“Shall we go out for dinner tonight?” asked Larry, tilting his head to the side.

“What, the three of us?”

“Oh,” said Larry. “I don’t know that we can all go together. I just meant you and I.”

“No, I don’t think so, not tonight,” Alexos murmured.

“You’ll come to the dinner tomorrow night, though, won’t you? Come down to Brighton and meet the cast of the play?”

“Oh, Larry, I really don’t think—”

“Of course he will,” said Harry from the doorway, and Alexos glared at him, but Harry grinned at the both of them, undeterred. He was a vision, soaked with sweat and with his cock wet and softening between his muscular thighs, steam from the hot water behind him gathering around his head and shoulders like a stage curtain. “I’ve already booked our tickets for the train.”

“Have you indeed,” said Alexos through gritted teeth, but he didn’t have time to be anxious about it – Larry had crawled forward and begun to nuzzle again at the base of Alexos’ still mostly-soft cock, and it became difficult to concentrate on anything else.

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