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This is a project from one of the classes. The assignment was to write 7-10 pieces of flash fiction that handeled one overarching idea/theme, I used loneliness as the basis of it.
  It's not really connected to my worlds, so all I can ask you to do is to let me know what you think of it.

A World of Loneliness

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[Flash Fiction Anthology]
  9 pieces of flash fiction; 9 words to describe loneliness; 1 journey.
  Explore the world of flash fiction through 9 pieces that make up the Flash Fiction Anthology: A World of Loneliness.
  These pieces were written as a part of a creative writing class and, since I wrote them as an anthology, I figured it'd be fun to share.

As a disclaimer, these pieces are super short as I was limited to about 100 words each and if something doesn't make sense I either made a large mistake or it is intentionally wacky. Please, let me know what you think as these have destroyed by ability to write normally for the time being(Which would be why the style in these is also a bit odd).