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Ongoing 361 Words

1. Wendy Grows Up

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Hi! Thanks for dropping by. This project is very much a work in progress and may include chapters with pieces missing, typos, and may have chapters published that haven't ended yet. I'm not looking for a ton of feedback yet, but do let me know if anything seems confusing or if there's anything you really like. I super appreciate you!


Barring tragedy, all children must grow up, which is often believed to be its own form of tragedy.

Wendy Darling was just beginning to grow up. Her younger brothers hadn't noticed just yet, but one morning she woke to find an unopened thing of deoderant sitting on her dresser like a passive aggressive note. She picked it up and popped the cap off to smell it. It was a weird, not quite floral scent and the label advertised it as "Spring Forest." Green and blue swirls decorated it and a few purple flowers dotted the name. Wen wrinkled her nose. It wasn't a pleasant smell, but she supposed it must be more pleasant than whatever she smelled like, since her mother had left it for her.

So, she read the directions on how to apply deoderant for the first and last time, and tried to ignore the immediate feelings of itchiness it left behind. She pulled on a black shirt, but had to change it after noticing the white lines the deoderant left behind on it.

At that moment, Nana nudged open the door to her room, her big nose peeking in just under the door knob. 

"I'm up, Nana," Wen waved a hand at her. "Go worry about the boys."

The St. Bernard instead entered the room and pushed her large face into Wen's lap, asking for her morning payment in pets. 

Wen obliged, nuzzling the space between Nana's droopy eyes. "I love you too. Seriously though, you need to check on John and Michael, not me."

Nana wagged her tail a few times before leaving the room, and Wen changed her shirt a second time, this time for dog drool.

[Insert stuff about her parents going to a party and her having recently moved into her new room]


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15 Feb, 2021 00:28

A. You have one of the best first lines ever!   B. keep the placholder title, it catches the eye and brings a laugh, exactly what you want!

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15 Feb, 2021 19:43

Thank you! I hate writing first lines so I'm actually really excited to hear that. And thank you for checking out my writing. Unfortunately I haven't worked on this project since november but it was a lot of fun and I might dive into it again.