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Feedback and Comments


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18 Jul, 2020 18:20

Wow that was amazing. Wait you remember when hobbin needed dragon urine and wood had it? And said he took it as payment for a meal. Was that a lie? As in did he really just use his own. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and actually I was wondering where the black market was. Although it is hard to think of the big happy bar owner to turn into a massive dragon. Thanks again Jamie for a great story as always.

Höbin Luckyfeller
Höbin Luckyfeller
18 Jul, 2020 21:23

Now you just hold on, right there, J.S.V....I don't want this thrown out into the open!   Do you know how embarrassed I was--esPECIALLY when Wood laughed in my FACE?!?   ...and FYI---he saved me from a terror of a woman. Mahan's Pink Panties I'm glad he took Dragon urine as payment from another patron.   As for the Black Market, no one knows where it is.   Accept perhaps Wood.   ...and he ain't talking.

18 Jul, 2020 21:26

Oh. You beat me to it, Höbin.   Well there ya go, J.S.V. -- Höbin was there.   So glad you liked the story.   MUCH more to come!

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