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Sea Breeze under a Crimson Sky

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The treasures of the sea call to all those abandoned and lost, those betrayed and forgotten. It calls to them, summons them, sets them upon the path of trying to find fame in the growing cloud of obscurity.
  Such is the Fate of the brothers Nakyan and Seko Konudepa, born to a failing house of an Imperial Naval Admiral. Their father earned his namesake and ruin by the waves of the sea, and the boys swore they would earn their redemption from it as well. They tried the honest path, five years spent in service of a system desperate to bury their name, before the song filled their ears and the promise of a fair chance at fame and fortune became too tempting.
  The sea calls to them, as it calls to all. Its famous and most devilish song, the Call of Piracy.

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