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December 15, 2021 AD

Dear Readers,

Around the time that manuscripts came out, I was nervous about using the platform, but then I published my first chapter with a note before it asking people not to comment with reviews on my works as they were still in the rough drafts stage and obviously needing edits. Now, someone ignored that warning and left a review that was 90% things I did wrong with the just the prologue, as that was the only chapter published at the time. Seeing how badly I did made me take some time away and it nearly made me quit writing on that book. That book had been my child for a while now (nearly 11 years now) and it was my first time putting it out in the world, where I was baring my soul for everyone to see.

After reading that comment, I took a month away from writing that book to clear my thoughts and not lash out at them. Finally, I wrote a comment back explaining how I felt and that I had specifically asked for nobody to leave reviews until I felt it right and was looking for Beta readers. Needless to say, that person responded back with the excuse that I "put [my] work on the internet, so [they] had a right to comment and if [I] couldn't handle it, maybe [I] shouldn't be a writer." That comment stung and made me truly upset, thinking that my passion was a mistake. That I was a mistake for thinking I could write. It even made me question why I was on WA in the first place. Why should I be publishing my stuff for anyone to read at all?

In short, I am trying to brave my fears and put myself out there once more. I truly want people to read His Mate, book one of the Shadows Series and see how much joy it has brought me. I also know that there's a lot going on with me right now (and why I keep typing "write" instead of "right" xD), yet I'm going to be brave this time around.

With this story, I am putting my foot down and asking people to NOT comment with reviews unless I ask them to. Please listen to me when I ask this of you. Honestly, I don't want to feel like I can't trust anyone on WA. WA is my internet home. I sincerely don't want to lose it or be pushed away because I asked people to do one, simple thing.

Please, readers of WA. Just do this one thing. No reviews. If you want to post a comment that you liked it or that you like a certain character, that's fine. But zero reviews. Please!!!


Amelia Nite

P.S. - Locked chapters are hidden behind a subscriber wall. Visit my Darkness Moon Chronicles and choose the Shadows Saga subscriber group in order to read this story. As a tip: I am keeping an eye on who is in what subscriber group as I'd prefer you to only be in ONE subscriber group at a time. Thank you.

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