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About Chronicle Extras

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Hello Friends,

So you're probably wondering what 'Chronicle Extras' is, and why it's also locked from public view...

Let me explain.

There are so many side stories in this world--things that take place which add that extra twist, turn, or shine a light of clarity upon a situation, relationship, or person. These usually aren't events big enough to warrant their own books--but they are definately the right size to stand on its own merits.

So I wanted to make sure these stories were shared with you.

The reason why they're called 'Chronicle Extras' is because they take place in the main storyline, all across the series--scattered throughout the novels.

...and you probably won't fully appreciate them unless you've already consumed the novel it's attached to. A perfect example is this first 'extra'--which happens to come from the debut novel Prelude to a Hero.

That being said--the reason why this project is closed tot he public, is because extras are for subscribers only.

The good news, is that it's only $3 a month to subscribe right now, and we add new materials weekly--so if you see enough value to warrant the price of a decent cup of coffee a month, click right here and sign up get access to this new story immediately!

If you'd like access to this story and a growing world of fantasy to satisfy your 'Fiction-Addiction'...grab yourself a monthly subscription for $3/mo over at =)
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