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1st Fragment

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The beginning of a new life


– In a little city of the human world –


Birthday or not, today started just as ordinary as every other day. In the last few weeks there were times when some weird, unexplainable things happened to me, but today there was no sign of such for now either. I was currently on my way to home to my family I just wish the weather wouldn’t be so unbearably hot. I might said „family” but to be more concrete, this means me and dad. My father, who colored my early childhood with great and wonderful bedtime stories – perhaps exactly for filling in the void my mother’s absence created – is someone who means more than anything for me in this world. He was always extremely enthusiastic every night whenever he told me the stories about his made up magical world with the magical creatures living in it. Well he’s always beaming with good spirits and all, so this isn’t that surprising. Of course my father still has this habit of his no matter my age.

Since it’s only the two of us, I would never be bothered as long as such small things like telling tales for me can still cause him this much happiness in his life. I’ve never met with my mother. Dad told me she passed away short after my birth. I always would’ve like to get to know her, or just see her face at last. In real life I mean, not in pictures. There isn’t much picture about mom despite the fact my dad loves taking pictures a lot, he kept taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures about me in my whole life. I could bet there are at least 3 photo albums filled with mostly deadly embarrassing pictures about me. I always thought it’s a shame that we had only a few pictures about my mother, she was truly gorgeous with her long, curly golden blonde hair and falwess shape.

Until I grew older, father did all the chores at home all alone, without ever complaining about it. Of course I help with anything I can since years now. I’m trying to take as many weights off his shoulders as I can, there’s plenty of it on him already. People often ask me if I am sad because of my mom. Well, I mean of course, naturally somewhere in my heart I am, but my father is so caring, and he literally did everything and still does in this world to make everything the best for the both of us. And for all of this, I will be forever grateful beyond words. So at this point really, the least I can do is let him to tell me any stories he wishes to. If they’re about non-existent creatures living in a non-existent world, then let it be. I personally doesn’t mind, they bring back the memories of my early childhood.

– Crysty! – a voice suddenly startled me out of my thoughts. A voice I could always recognize. I’m also pretty sure the others are with her as well.

– Hi, Everyone! – I turned towards the direction of the voice while I slowly stopped walking, letting them catch up to me. Just as I predicted: three girls came after me, they all seemed to be very happy. I like to see them in such a great mood!

– We finally caught up to you, Crysty! – the girl who first called for my name now jumped into my arms. I could spot her shoulder lenght hazel hair and pretty emerald green eyes within the biggest crowd already. Well, I mean after all these years of friendship this might be the easiest and most natural thing. Her name is Milly. Milly is like a little sister to me despite her being older with one and a half month, and she’s even taller than me by a few centimeters. Always I was the one who took care of the other, except for a few occasions. Well that being said, she had a period of time, when she really needed my support.

Her stlye is a little childish and very girly, but not in the meaning of being a „plasa-chick” like most of the girls in this age, in terms of clothing for example she’d set every single skirts ablaze what was ever made. I really hope highschool won’t change her in a negative way. In our first year we got to know two other girls who we already built a great relationship with. I also hope this can stay the same always. Of course we can’t dodge „strikes” in our lives forever, but only if our friendship wouldn’t be hurt by anything we wouldn’t able to solve.

– Happy Birthday, Crysty! – she continued with a wide grin on her face. She knows very well, that I can’t stand this nickname. She can piss me off with this fast and easily of course in a joking and fun way. Hearing this, the other two girl who came with her –who are those fresh friends of ours I mentioned before Rin, and Sophie– chuckled a little. One schoolyear was enough for them to know my opinion about the nickname.

– Milly – I started while I looked at her with an ominous, silent massmurderer-type of smile – You know I doesn’t like when you call me like that..

– I do! – she chuckled – Sorry, but I really had to!

– You really didn’t had to. Milly, you know how irritating for me when someone uses this nickname for me. – I looked at her with my typic „I could suffocate you here and now” glare what made her laugh out loud.

– I apologize, I apologize! Please, I’m begging you to not strangle me oh Her Majesty, the Great Crystalina! – she started bowing in front of me like I’d be some sort of royalty what made me laugh out loud neyt. According to the silence, the others probably smiled in silence. I cleared my throat and I looked at her seriously as I joined to her acting.

– Well, Lady Milliana, I’d advise you to be more careful with your choice of words if you doesn’t have any wish to find your end at the gallows. – hearing this even the other two couldn’t help but laugh, it didn’t take much time, Milly also burst out. Rin brushed her hair behind her ear and fixed her purple framed glasses with her signature move. The way she uses her middle and index finger to push up her glasses in the middle is a very Rin-thing to do. Her almond shaped eyes and maybe a bit shorter height might be quite telling, but without being stereotypical, Rin is in fact half-asian. Her father was born in Osaka and when he moved to our area he met with Rin’s mother at the university. I always adored this story and the fact that they managed to find the partner of their life very early, at university. Yup, I can be quite the romantic type, buta s a forever alone my only option is the world of fiction. Well the innerpeace of my dad can stay still until this fact doesn’t change. He’s quite the protective type just in a way where he sees everyone from the opposite gender as a dangerous wolf who shouldn’t dare to even glance at me in dad’s presence because he will be dead meat. This feature of my father can lead to hella embarrassing situations sometimes.

– What do you think, Crystal? – asked me Sophie who wore her beautiful ashy blond hair in a tall ponytail without having bangs, her eyes were skyblue and her height was around mine. She measured me with interested and curious eyes – What will you get from your dad? Or did he already told it accidentally this year too, as he usually does? – she added while chuckling, her base was all the stories she already heard from me. Yes, dad usually can’t keep his suprises in secret to save his life. He’s too honest in nature, he can’t lie to anyone, or at least I never heard about such thing happening ever. Well I did hear rumours here and there sometimes what described him as someone with a mysterious and strange background, but I prefer to only beleive in what he says about himself to me directly. That’s being said, this year father was suprisingly good at keeping everything in secret regarding my birthday, so all I could do is to cluelessly shake my head while I reciprocated Sophie’s smile.

– Quite the suprise but he didn’t drop a brick at all this time. – I replied – This way I can’t even guess not to mention straight up telling it. This might be the very first time that this happens, so I’m even more excited than ever! You will come over to our place, right? – I turned to my friends who exchanged some glances with each other then looked at me sadly what lowkey made my heart ache a little.

– Crystal… – Milly started to reply – We’re deeply sorry, but… – she stoped and took a deep breath, but after a little suspension they threw their „masks” and jumped into my arms – Of course we’re going, you dummy! How could we miss out your 16th birthday?? Ont he top of that, the fact that your dad managed to keep his plans in secret for this long made me so curious I wouldn’t go home even if I’d be threatened by a machinegun!

– Milly, using machineguns as examples isn’t really a sophisticated thing to do.. – noted quietly Rin while she watched us with a smile. As I noticed this year, Rin is a quiet and introverted girl. I didn’t even see her talking to anyone else other than us. In the meantime Sophie is her exact opposite. While Rin is an only-child, Sophie has 3 siblings, so she’s used to being energetic and loud to ensure her being noticed at home. Well, she doesn’t really have to fight for attention while she’s with us, but that’s how she’s used to be. We already tried to convince her several times that there’s no need for this, but she doesn’t really listens to us, so we just take this as an entertaining feature of hers.

– Rin, in your opinion how lady-like am I on a scale from 0 to 0? – turned Milly to our good friend with the glasses. – Your answer is -50 right? I think so too – she chuckled, even though she didn’t leave any time for an answer, Rin still replied.

– You’re in fact lady-like and put lovely on to the list too! – she stated firmly – What do you think why do most of the girls envy you in the school?

– They envy me? – she turned to Rin in disbelief. Looking at us nodding in synchron, she slowly realized this is something only she didn’t notice yet – What? Why would they?

– Let’s start the list with your emerald eyes, dear – I began to state facts – What do you think how many girls out there also have eyes what looks like gemstones? I’m sure it awoke many boys’ interest you’re just simply blind to notice. If we’re at it already, your shape is also a good reason for it. You might doesn’t look like the hourglass shaped modells, but your shape is perfectly fine, it’s natural and healthy one just has to take a look at you! Oh, also, many girl destroys their hair with dyeing to color it to that hazel hue of yours!

– Your smile is kind and lovely, it gives warmth – added Rin – Not to mention your pretty clothes! It doesn’t matter that you always wear pants, you can make them look girly, you also have cute little charms on your bag! This isn’t any of the past centuries, skirts doesn’t make women just like how pants doesn’t make men.

– Well the charms are the trademarks of my favourite band… – Milly started to speak up for her defense.

– Who are singing mainly gentle or romantic songs, right? You know, the band who’s songs appear in in many romantic series and movies. – we looked at her in union, then Sophie pated her shoulder.

– Accept it Milly, you’re a girly girl just on your own unique way. – she said with a wide smile – But of course there’s still nothing wrong with your boyish accents either! Someone who doesn’t like you as you are isn’t even needed in your life to order you around and to change you drastically, am I right? Girlbosses owns the future!

            Milly visibly wanted to say something in her defense, but she didn’t get the opportunity, because we reached my home and I already went front to open the door for my dear guests. Or to be more precise I would do so but Sophie and Rin didn’t move an inch.

– Forgive us, Crystal, but we left something important at home! – looked Rin at me with apology in her gaze.

– The both of you? – I glanced at them questioningly.

– We hurry as much as we can so we’ll be back soon, we swear! – Sophie waved in a friendly manner and they already ran away. After all of this we already were able to enter the house with Milly despite all of my confusion. We could already smell the scent of the usual birthday lunch. Everything seemed ordinary and usual. Even tho some weird things happened to me a few days ago what I couldn’t come up with any explanation to, so I just left it as it is without giving any deeper thoughts of them. And seeing this ordinary scene, I think this was for the best. When we entered the house, I didn’t have the slightest clue that today will be a far cry of being ordinary. I also had no idea that today my entire life will turn to its head. Little did I know..

– Crystaaaaal! – jumped dad into my arms immediately just like how a cat does with its prey. Probably no one would guess based on his relatively bigger and stronger physique how agile and fast he can be.

– H-hi dad! – I greeted him right after my shock wasn’t an obstacle at speaking anymore and I slowly hugged him back – What’s all this energy for in this hot day?

– „What is it for”? – he asked back – Today’s your birthday, that’s what is it for! When should I be more energetic if not today? Go upstairs to your room, you can change there and take a shower if you want, I will keep Milly company in the meantime, no need to worry! – he offered without any hesitation what I happily accepted and already ran upstairs. I could use one great shower now! I knew I can trust Milly to him without feeling bad the slightest until I get ready. Because for Milly he’s like he’d be her father as well, and dad also looks at Milly like she’d be her second daughter.

After the shower I suddenly noticed that the water gone entirely crazy. I got lowkey scared when water just started to flood from the faucet in a crazy and wild torrent. The problem luckily went away soon, so I didn’t have to ask for help. I sighed in relief, wiped myself and dressed up, after that I headed to my room to brush my hair what I just dried. When all of this was done I tied my hair up into a ponytail and took one of my old booklet. I turned the pages for a little bit of nostalgy. I got a bit drowned in the memories what each pages had. To be fair this was only an old exercise book for school. Filled with sketches all over the pages. Before anyone would get the wrong idea, I wasn’t a bad student. My grades might be good, but even the best student –what I am not – could loose to the slight boredom and this is when the studen’t creativity takes over. As for addition, I was that type of student who drew some little things ont he pages to make studying easier. Many times I only managed to learn some units because I remembered what did I draw to its parts. Isn’t it much interesting to learn this way instead of swotting what everyone does without any longterm result? The sight of some of the sketches made me chuckle a little. The sinking into the sea of memories ont he other hand didn’t last long. I was shaken up from my thoughts by the smell of burnt paper, the sight of some bright light and some sudden itching heat. The exercise book in my hand flamed up! I droped it on the floor in an instance. Thankfully I had enough soul-presence to extinguish the little flame before it could spread anywhere. Just what on the Earth just happened?! I stared at my booklet in shock and confusion. Did I mention that weird things happened before? Well I exactly meant stuff like this. Ii don’t understand what did just happen. My booklet ignited. By all itself. I get it, it’s hot today but not this hot and I’m pretty sure of that! This isn’t natural the slightest and even more far away from being called ordinary! I was so shocked I didn’t even hear the opening of my door. Someone touched my shoulder, this is what shake me up from my dizzyness. I winced and turned to the person, it was Milly, she looked at me with worry.

– Crystal..? What’s wrong? You’re all pale, and you look like you’d see a ghost.. – she voiced her questions and findings. I drew my gaze from Milly to my father, who looked hella worried as well. He might also had some suspicion in his eyes, but I was way too stunned to process any slight signs.

– N-nothing… Nothing interesting happened. – I smiled at them trying to calm the both of them. Until I doesn’t know what’s going on here it’s better to keep it to myself. I don’t want to scare them. No, this defenitely can’t happen.

– Are you sure? You look very scared. You can tell us everything, you’re well aware of that, right? – Milly tried to persuade me.

– Yes, I am sure. – I put my hands on her shoulder and smiled at her kindly. I feel guilty for keeping secrets, but I have to – Don’t worry, the two of you would be the very first people I would turn to tell if anything would happen to me. Think about it, just what could’ve happen in my room while I’m all alone anyways? My booklet could randomly flame up for example. But this is the last thing anyone in their right mind would suspect.

– Well, as talented as you are, you could set something on fire. – said Milly without any hesitation while she put her hand on her hip. Hearing this I froze for a second and then I answered while laughing. Not nervously at all.

– Come on, Milly! Even I am not that clumsy! – I replied what made Milly shrug in giving up.

– Maybe. By the way we came up because the food is ready and Sophie with Rin also arrived.

– This is fantastic! Then down we go, let’s go! – I started to head downstairs with dad and Milly right behind me.

            We ate the dinner fast. Even though it’s better to eat slower, dad’s cooking is so great, it could surpass the best chefs’ so we couldn’t hold back! We all thanked him for the celebratory meal, then we all headed to the living room. We always celebrate here.  sat in the armchair while the others lined up. Milly stood at the head of it as always. She stepped front of me with wide grin on her face, hands behind her back.

– Your preseeeeent iiis meee – she said it extended what made the whole room laugh out loud.

– Whaaat? This must be a joke right? – I acted like I’d be disappointed, and then as the evil person I am, I added: – If not that means I need to get a refund somehow.. – this made the laughing even louder. Milly tried to look hurt even tho she was also wheezing. Shortly she managed to puff up her face.

– You’re lucky it’s your birthday or you’d get beaten up for this. – she said while keeping the act of being hurt, but then she handed over a big box with a mischiefious grin – Happy Birthday, Crysty!

– Wow! – I replied in awe while I took the box. I started to unpack the box what was wrapped by her own hands. A giftbag greeted me. I took out its content, what was a smaller box. Milly’s newest trick continued until I met with a book-shaped wrapped thing. This had to be the last one. By the time we finally reached here Sophie was already wheezing on the floor, father and Rin only laughed moderately. Milly watched through in triumph how I went over the more and more layers of boxes and wraps what followed one another and I gave her a fast death glare. Of course by the time I reached the end my curiosity was bigger than my grumpyness. Not like I’d be honestly grumpy over such pranks. What kind of book could she get for me? That new novel perhaps what’s filled with twists and magic? What’s heroine has the same „special” feature of having blue eyes despite her dark brown hair like in my case? I think the girl is Portuguese and she moves to London in the story. But this is all I’ve heard of it and that there are witches in it. It’s not widely known, Rin recommended it to me. While I was thinking about this I unwrapped the present. For my biggest suprise it wasn’t a book. Well, it did in fact exactly look like one. Hard cover, binded with extra special care, a bookmark was sticking out of it, with a faucet pen tied to its side. Yes, this has to be a diary. A not-mass-produced, but a very special one! On the top of that I would bet this is a handmade piece! Even its pages aren’t full white, or semi-wood-free! You could clearly see every single vegetable fiber.The pen also didn’t look like an everyday pen. I looked up at Milly in huge suprise.

– This is wonderful! How did you manage to get something like this?

– It’s bad manners to ask about presents you know – she tried to act like she’d scold me what I replied to with my face being puffed a little.

– You know I didn’t ask the price at all… – hearing this she smiled.

– Of course I know, Crystal! The way I found it is a truly interesting story, but I’d like to wait with it until the others give you their presents too! Anyways it seems you like it and that’s what matters! I’m happy! – she answered with a huge smile. She truly has a heart made of gold.

– No, I doesn’t like it – I said, everyone suddenly turned to me with suprise. I wait a little to build up some suspension, then I looked directly at my long-known best friend and smiled at her – Because I absolutely love it! Thank you so much, Milly! – I added while I hopped up from the armchair and hugged her tightly.

– I dare you to not love it! – she hugged me back and slowly let me go after a while tol et the others get to me as well who were waiting patiently for their turn. The next one in line was Rin who held a tray in her hands, covered by a dome-shaped topper.

– W-well my present isn’t that big of a deal like Milly’s was, but… I tried to come up with something good. – she gave me a humble smile while she handed over the tray. Taking off the topper I catched sight of a very pretty cake. As I scaned it through I found my favourite fruits all over it. Ont he top of that there was no gelatine on it at all! She remembered that even though I like fruit flavored cakes and sweets, I can’t get myself to like gelatine what they like to put on them.

– A fruit cake! One of my favorites! It looks very mouth-watering and its scent is great as well and you also remembered the no-gelatin thing! – I said with my eyes sparkling while I leaned over to blow the candles. But before that.. Make a wish. Hmm.. It took some time to come up with any wishes to be honest, because in this very moment I felt like I’ve got everything already. But tradition is tradition so I closed my eyes and focused. „Let this day and the upcoming years be as magical like these recent few minutes what I can share with the people precious to me.” I blew out the candles. In this moment I had no idea how big of prank will universe pull on me. After I blew the candles, I put the cake by the side of the diary. Milly immediately started to bounce on my side.

– What did you wish for? What did you wish for??

– If I tell it, it won’t come true will it? – I smiled at her showing how unconvinceable I am.

– Preeettyyy pleeeaaaaseeee tell it! – she kept bouncing unstoppable – You wished to meet your knight finally did you?!

– Your what?? – father stood up in a split second what made me laugh – What knight???

– Nothing, there’s no such thing, dad, don’t worry – I whisked while laughing – It’s just Milly’s delusion. I still doesn’t have a crush at all, don’t worry – father finally started to calm down when Milly continued again.

– But there was that hella handsome boy with the pale blond hair and the dark eyes in the other class! You were even the one who brought him to my attention when he got into our school for a while!

– That boy doesn’t even live here anymore, he moved! – I blushed while replying, and then automatically turned to my father – No, I have no one, he wasn’t a crush or anything like, there’s no one, I swear! – he scaned me for a little while, then slowly nodded.

– Okay, I beleive you, Crystal, since you would never lie to me. – he answered with a kind, warm smile what slowly turned cold and dark – But if I ever find out that you’re dating with an indelicate little brat…

– There’s nothing like that! – I tried to hush his unbeleivebla imagination then turned to Sophie who were busy with all the chuckles she let out.

– Oh is, it my turn, now? – she stepped in front of me while she asked playfully – Well the cooles presents’ places were already taken away, so mine can be only at the end of the ranking, but I hope you’ll like it.

– There was never such thing as a ranking to begin with – I smiled at her then I looked with curiosity at what she hid behind her back. It was a jewelry box. That type of elegant, beautiful deep blue velvet box you doesn’t even have to wrap into anything because it’s already gorgeous by itself. I took over the box and I opened it very carefully. My eyes grew round when I saw the crystal medal inside.

– It’s the same shade as your eyes. – she explained the reason of her choice with a smile – I know you’re not a big fan of jewelry but I also know you like necklaces. Rin encouraged me that she’s sure I’ll find you something you will like then, in the shop I’ve met with a really helpful lady with blonde wavy hair and light colored eyes. She said this will be the perfect match and when I first saw it, I already knew this is really true. It almost screams it fits you perfectly! Ont he top of that she just gave it away to me for free! Okay, this is not something I should tell to the person I gave it but man how nuts is this?? She said this is the last piece of a collection and it doesn’t find an owner for so long so I can just take is as the gift of the house for being the week’s 1000th costumer!

– Oh my god, Sophie! This is breathtakingly gorgeous! Thank you so much! – I said in awe while I already hanged the necklace on my neck. When dad took a glance of the medal I’d bet I saw shock on his face for a short time what he covered up immediately and smiled kindly.

– It looks truly great on you, Crystal. Like it was tailor made for you. – he said with a gentle expression on his face. Their kind words and all the care and thought they put into the presents of their choices touched me deeply. I couldn’t care less about what did or didn’t they cost when the only things matters is their intentions and that they thought this much about me.

– Thank you! All of you, thank you so much! I absolutely love all of them, especially the enormous amount of care and feelings you honored me with..! – I said and they all hugged me.

– Come on! Isn’t this what friends are for in the first place? – Milly asked while Sophie pated my head like one does with a child. After we had our emotional moment we let go of each other and I turned to my dear father.

– You’re the only one remaining, dad.

I waited with a huge smile on my face. I think I was rather excited and curious. I mean it’s truly a big deal that father managed to keep in secret this year’s present all this time. When I called him, he cleared his throat.

– Let’s eat the cake first and get ott he end of your party My Little Fairy – he replied kindly. „My Little Fairy”. The last time he called me like that I was 12 years old perhaps. Around that time I started rebelling to not call me like that in front of others, and he listened to me. At home he still called me like that sometimes for a while though.

– Why? – I looked at him cluelessly – Isn’t the order present, cake, and then anything else?

– But today can be a rare time when we twist things up a little, now couldn’t it? – he still looked at me straight. Well he was right in a sense that I had no reasons to refuse if he’d like things this way. But this curiosity is killing me! I looked at him a bit groochy what he responded to with a kind laughter. As always.


~End of Chapter~


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