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There are dark times that we all must pass through. Experiences that we strive with our might to avoid, to sidestep…even run from.

It’s virtually inevitable. Our very nature shouts at us to avoid the pain, avoid the anguish, the very discomfort that can (and will) shape our hearts for the better. Don’t feel bad, few of us ever run towards the things we fear—embracing the unknown or the difficult.

Instead we hide, block, ignore, retreat.

It may be a relationship, a painful conversation or confrontation…or even a situation fraught with danger. It doesn’t even have to be real—so long as our minds perceive it to be.

The truth is, all experiences are opportunities for growth. Even the darkest moments of your life. A chance to let those untapped talents, skills and potential to peek out and rise to the challenge.

So when difficult times envelope you and you feel as if you’re drowning, take comfort in the knowledge that everything has its season. The pain and confusion will not last forever.

Focus on the little things…and you will find the strength to endure until the sun can shine once more.


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