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Stories are not made or told in a vacuum. They lean on strong shoulders for support until they get their legs under them. So, to give credit where credit is very due…


References to ‘Vorkosigan’, ‘Miles Vorkosigan’ and related properties come from the fantastic Vorkosigan novels by Lois McMaster Bujold and belong to her. They inspired many things used here.

Mentat concept and related items from Dune were created by Frank Herbert and owned by his estate. What is used here is inspired by those properties.

Star Wars(TM), Jedi, Sith and related items are © Lucasfilm Ltd and Disney and belong to them. Much thanks to George Lucas and all the folks that created the original Star Wars properties. What is used here is inspired by that delightful framework allowing stories like this to breathe and take flight.

The Tapani Sector was created by the fine and brilliant minds at the former West End Games. You kept Star Wars alive for many years when no one else could. Thank you.

Duane Capizzi, Jeff Kline, Pat Allee, and Richard Raynis who wrote Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles. From there came the inspiration for the first eight members of the 257th Clone Detachment. This was the way.

The basic idea of Null Force is inspired by the amazing works of James Rollins, but it is only inspired by. Null Force as a concept took off well into its own after that first inspired thought.

No infringement is intended or implied with inspiration off any of the above!


And some acknowledgment…

My deepest, deepest thanks to those that helped me, listened to me, and put up with me and agonizing over this “What If” Star Wars universe. Anyway, all of you contributed in different ways and put up with me. Some helped me more than I have words to ever express. You have my undying and utmost gratitude.


As for the rest you’ll find here? The rest is all my fault and I’m completely to blame. So welcome to a peek inside this slightly different Star Wars universe from what you might be used to…

a long time ago...

in a different galaxy far, far away…


May the Force be with you … always …


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