The Recruit

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Chronicles of Mann - The Recruit
  Will was born the son of an important lord on an unimportant world in the Commonwealth of Drala. The galaxy had it's issues, and the King of the Commonwealth had fended off Furse raids for the better part of the last 40 years, but on Karthmere, there was peace and plenty.
  For Will, life was good. College was the time of his life. Surrounded by good friends and loved ones, life was easy. Being the firstborn of Lord Stout brought it's own unique hardships, but there were worse things then being the heir to one of the most powerful lords on the planet.
  It all changed one night, and nothing would be easy or the same again. Peace was but a dream, and for Will, there was no time to sleep. Only the idea of revenge could keep him going. He had lost too much. If only he knew who his enemies were.