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The Dragon Eyrie

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It wasn't long ago that all it took to make a villager run in fear or for a king to fall to his knees was a dragon's shadow passing overhead but those times are gone. The empire in the east made sure of that when they marched their legions across the sands and stood up to the dragon empire. Humans and elves died in their thousands but dragons fell from the skies.
  But there are some still alive who dream of seeing the Dragon Eyrie reclaim its rightful place, among them a young woman that would give anything to see it happen. Her brother, on the other hand, would rather it was all forgotten. He just wants a quiet place to read his books and dream of better times.
  The Dragon Eyrie is a work in progress, hence the place holder cover. I'm aiming to publish a new chapter as often as possible so if you enjoy the first one then please let me know. A little encouragement is always appreciated.