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Legends of the Jade Moon 2: Dividing Souls

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Ianus awakes on a hospital ship... he failed. His adopted father lay mortally injured in the next room, and a powerful, ancient relic of the Jade Moon's founder has been stolen. Every option gone, only one thing remains...
  Abducting his father, he runs off in search of the one person who might be able to save him. They race across the stars. As they approach Kur-gal, they are attacked. Ianus is paralyzed. A specter whispers in his ear, taunting him and enticing him to turn from his chosen path.
  Will they be in time to save his father? Will Ianus succumb to the temptations of the mysterious stranger? Find out what happens next in this exciting installment of Liquid Sky: Dividing Souls.
  Dividing Souls is the second book in the Legends of the Jade Moon series follow after book 1: Child of Centuries.