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Master Asdradan
N.L. Becker

In the world of Ivicris

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Second Wind: Book 1 - Wake at Dawn

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Tzera awakens to a living world after spending her life in a dying city. Her whole species, the Lendari, set adrift on their planet’s starless corpse; cast into the void away from their home galaxy. Buying thousands of years through carefully managed stasis cycles made possible by a material called Amber and marching towards the revival of their home. Now, even that civilization’s feats have faded, buried beneath the living earth, and bathed in the light of a young sun. A new, intelligent species, the Davran, has risen to claim their spot, and even others have followed. Milleniums of recorded, toiled history rise and fall before Tzera even draws her first free breath. She finds friends in a Davrani Ruin Guardian named Yishel and her extraordinary family. But as she starts to make her own path, disaster strikes her new home, and the hunt for those responsible threatens to pull them all into something far more perilous.