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Chapter I: History of Inua Chapter II: Theory of Magic

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Chapter II: Theory of Magic

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Magic as we know it - Weave. This power is all as we call it, "magical" around us. All members of spell-casting communities has its own source.

Clerics either serve good or evil deities, losing their powers when the deity wants. They are channeling, as we call it, Divine Magic. Paladins are using Divine Magic through its veins directly. Their deity just holds the door open, still, losing the ability to refresh its powers once the deity decides to close the doors. Warlocks are bit different from this Divine Magic pool, because their cant simply lose their powers as they finished a bargain, deal, with otherwordly being called patron. This provides them with access to Patrons powers. This is great difference as this patron can have only limited amount of warlocks, because they take its own power, so patron gets weaker the more warlocks he has. 

And then we have Arcana users. This is the group common folk calls "mages", Sorcerers who are born with natural talent for finding connections between them and arcana, wizards who learns how to establish connections. Bards work very similary to wizards. Neither of them has the ability to lose its powers, unless they lose the knowledge of how they can establish this. Many masters of magic studied so called Places of Power, who are known to improve connections between Arcana and users, however it seems only sorcerers are able to use this connection as others are mostly devastated on the spot.

The last part of our spell casters are druids. Most people finds them.. not as powerful as others, but after my meeting with Wandering Mages i believe it is exactly the opposite. Our knowledge of magic tells us that Divine Magic, Arcana or Nature are simply conduits between user and Weave, but what if.. Nature is Inua ? And we simply don't use it anymore. If Inua si considered natural power, should Nature itself be able to provide the direct connection ?

I've proccessed these thoughts into two simple diagrams. The first one shows how commonly accepted thesis of magical powers works and on the second what is my thoughts with the newly gained knowledge.

I call this founding True Magic.


Second Diagram
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