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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
27 Jun, 2020 16:27

Jaime, thank you so very much - I got a minute and I managed to read this. I have really enjoyed it and I so much appreciate the dedication - I am without words.

Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

27 Jun, 2020 19:26

Dimitris, you are my friend, yes...but know that because of you (and Janet), I am able to be the storyteller I've truly wanted to be for 30 years.   YOU made the tools to fill the gaps in my hopes and dreams...and now that I have a home to just 'be me', I'm going to make you so very proud of this platform.   NOTE: I sent a memo to the gnomes in Clockworks City to build a SHRINE in your honor, but the Gearbox Guild is currently on strike.   ...something about more spray-on cheese and marmite in the cafeteria.   When I get that mess solved, I'll resend the memo.

Your New Author Friend =)
My World
1 Jul, 2020 03:57

Wow this was amaizing I loved every second of it. I wonder what might have happened if he left the “salt” on the table. And I love the way you portray all your characters. Pleas keep writing.

1 Jul, 2020 04:28

Glad you liked it!   Another story just posted =)   ....much, MUCH, more to come

Your New Author Friend =)
My World
23 Jul, 2020 01:50

It's always the quiet ones. What a beautiful job, bringing both characters to life and teasing out the story through their interactions.

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
23 Jul, 2020 02:45

Glad you liked it Angela. =)

Your New Author Friend =)
My World